Book Reviews

I accept books for review from publishers, distributors, and occasionally straight from authors. I prefer print copies, but will occasionally accept ebooks.

I enjoy general fiction, young adult fiction, and children’s fiction (including board books, picture books, and middle grade novels). Genres I’ll review include: historical, contemporary, romance, fantasy, literary, mystery. I do not accept thrillers, horror, true crime or non-fiction.

I do my best to review all books that I receive for review. In the blog post, I’ll provide a synopsis, usually from Goodreads, and my thoughts, feelings, and experience while reading the book. Sometimes these are great. Sometimes they aren’t. I will be honest. And I will tell readers when I have received a book from an author or a publisher. I will share the review on my blog and on my social media channels.

Before contacting me about a book for review, please look at my Reading section to see if your book fits in with what I enjoy and promote.

If you have a book for me to review, please contact me and let me know why you think I’d enjoy it.


Sponsored Posts

I accept products for review and other sponsored posts when I am passionate about the product or company and believe my readers will be as well. If you’re interested in working together on a sponsored post, please contact me and let me know why you think it would be a good fit. (Also, I have a soft spot for Canadian companies, so if you’re Canadian let me know!)

Product reviews and other sponsored content can include:

  • An approximately 600-word blog post (review or discussion)
  • Curated photos
  • At least two tweets
  • At least one Instagram post
  • At least one Instagram story
  • At least two Facebook posts

Please contact me for up-to-date product review/sponsored post rates.

I only accept affiliate or paid sponsorship from brands I’m passionate about and that I think would be of interest to my readers. The compensation I receive will never influence the content of my review. All sponsored posts will be clearly labelled.