Our new feature on trishajennreads is hoping to help and make writing a little easier. Wednesday Writing Prompt is a weekly challenge for you and for me. I'll post a writing prompt on Wednesday morning. The challenge is to write a 250 to 500 word scene or story in response to it. I'll participate and will post my response on Thursday. You're invited to to post your response in the Continue Reading
Planning or mapping a piece of writing can be difficult. Sometimes we have a topic or a theme we want to write about and other times we have nothing, we only know we want to write something. This is where freewriting can be a useful exercise.Continue Reading
It doesn’t seem to matter which project I’m working on, I need help coming up with ideas to motivate me to get going and fill the pages. Writing is hard. Coming up with ideas to write about is hard. Here are 12 ways I use to come up with starting points for my writing.Continue Reading
I call myself a writer. And yet, I haven’t really written anything in months. I’ve started many projects over the years. I’ve finished only a very few of them. Why is that? Why do we say that we love something, tell ourselves and tell others that we love it, identify as someone or something, but don’t actually do it? For me, I think it comes down to two reasons.Continue Reading