Earlier this week, my boss sent the link to this fabulous infographic to our office. I fell in love with it instantly. If you've spent any time on my blog or talked with me about writing you'll know that I've developed quite the passion for plain language.Continue Reading
It's pretty simple, eh? When we were kids, this was the story formula we followed. When we're with kids and they are begging us to tell them a story, this is the story formula we follow. So why don't we follow this story formula when we're writing?Continue Reading
I call myself a writer. And yet, I haven’t really written anything in months. I’ve started many projects over the years. I’ve finished only a very few of them. Why is that? Why do we say that we love something, tell ourselves and tell others that we love it, identify as someone or something, but don’t actually do it? For me, I think it comes down to two reasons.Continue Reading
I feel like Zinsser is calling me out on things. Telling me I need to do better. I need to procrastinate less. I need to motivate myself to do more. I am capable of more than I am currently doing. I will finish On Writing Well one day. Here are some passages from On Writing Well that I quite like (prepare yourself...I got a little carried away...):Continue Reading
Between university, random bookstores, and just wanting to learn more, I've perused quite a number of books on how to write or how to be inspired to write. So far, I've only really delved deeply into a two.Continue Reading