Like a River Glorious is the second book in The Gold Seer Trilogy by Rae Carson. Rae Carson’s use of language and setting really do make you feel like you’re in the 1840s. Her ability to weave tiny bits of magic into a historical novel always makes me smile. Continue Reading

Book review: Lyrebird

A beautiful, lyrical read. Lyrebird is a stunning reminder to stop and take a look at the abundant beauty that surrounds us. It is an ode to the ordinary that hides the extraordinary. It is reminiscent of the sweetness of a love based on mutual respect and appreciation and comfort.Continue Reading
This book begs to be read aloud. Then I started chapter one. And I continued reading aloud. To myself. I don't read a lot of middle grade. When I do, I often find it cheesy or too simplistic. This book is not like that. This book begs to be read aloud to a group of tweens. It flows. It's written wonderfully with a lovely rhythm and just the right balance of sentimental and adventure and Continue Reading
Very little grows in the desert. The sun is filled with animosity and scorches everything that comes into its path. The sand is bleached, continually being shifted by the whim of the winds. Few creatures can survive the harsh temperament of the desert region. Yet, somehow, some find a way to do so. Evan is one such anomaly.Continue Reading
I read a book that I really liked – except for one aspect of it...fat shaming. By continually writing books with this fat-girl-turns-thin-becomes-attractive-then-gets-confidence plot point, we're telling girls that they aren't worthy of love or even respect unless they are skinny.Continue Reading
Last summer I went to my very first writing conference. It was a fabulous three days of panels, discussions and workshops on reading, writing, and editing. My favourite sessions at this conference were the live action slush piles.Continue Reading
I’m not often able to share books with my dad. I don’t read a lot of thrillers or crime novels. But, a friend recommended The Girl on the Train and so, when my dad got it for Christmas, I asked if I could borrow it. And boy, am I glad I did.Continue Reading