I’ve always viewed my role as that of a helper. And I like it that way. As a communicator, a writer, and a lover of words and language, I see the world through a different lens than most. I see nuances others miss and I miss or ignore seemingly obvious things that others see.Continue Reading
I feel like Zinsser is calling me out on things. Telling me I need to do better. I need to procrastinate less. I need to motivate myself to do more. I am capable of more than I am currently doing. I will finish On Writing Well one day. Here are some passages from On Writing Well that I quite like (prepare yourself...I got a little carried away...):Continue Reading

Unpublished Reading

A friend of a friend has an unpublished novel that has made rounds with some publishers but hasn't clinched a deal. He decided to take the risk of having some folks take a look at it and give him some feedback. Thanks to the friend of a friend connection, I get to read this work. I'm 85 pages in and I'm loving it. Continue Reading