I did something this month that I almost never do. I read multiple books at once. I also did a Secret Santa, a Harry Potter read-along, and made a YouTube video of my first subscription box unboxing. Continue Reading
My TBR is getting longer and longer and the list of books I've read is not growing at the same pace. These are the books I added to m shelf in November 2016 and the books I read. Oh, and an update on the other things I did in November. Continue Reading
I didn’t do a lot of book buying this month…but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a book haul! Does one book count as a book haul? I don't know. But I'll give you my update anyway. :)Continue Reading
So, this month was supposed to be a book-buying-ban month so we could super save for a house...but between Calgary Expo, an amazing new release, and the Calgary Reads CBC Calgary charity book sale. I couldn't not buy books.Continue Reading
I picked up far more books than I expected last month! It’s amazing how the list adds up when you actually write it out. Between birthday money, bookstore dates, bookish friends, and Netgalley, my bookshelves are filling up.Continue Reading