I'm a sucker for audiobooks narrated by their authors. And this one is made absolutely amazing with Lauren adding her witty inflections to the already hilarious text. I felt like I was sitting with a friend in a coffee shop and laughing so much that my tea came out my nose and all the other patrons stared. That is how funny this book is. And it's all Lauren.Continue Reading
I love audio books. I fell in love with them when I walked 40 minutes each way to work. They were my saving grace, keeping my mind occupied on my sometimes freezing walk, and giving my brain a gentle wake up on my commute. I found I really enjoy first person narratives on audio and, of course, books read by their authors. And, since my initial Audible subscription was for two credits a month Continue Reading
As readers, we all have stacks of books we’d like to read. Personally, I have shelves, stacks, lists, random notes, AND a Pinterest board of books I’d like to read. So, how do we read them all? By using some simple techniques (not speed-reading), we can read more books each month or year.Continue Reading