Freelance Editing Services

You’ve done something amazing – you’ve written a book. I can help you polish it so that your story shines and readers won’t want to stop reading.

I offer the following editorial services for authors.

Manuscript Evaluation
A thoughtful assessment of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, with notes on how to make the book even better.

This type of edit is focused on writing craft and the elements of story like theme, plot, characters, dialogue, pacing, tension, and setting. This includes a 5-20 page editorial letter with notes and suggestions. (This does not include changes to the manuscript or corrections to spelling/grammar.)

Developmental / Structural Edit
This type of edit digs into the craft of writing and storytelling to tell a story in the best way possible. It is an in-depth assessment of elements of story like theme, plot, characters, dialogue, pacing, tension, and setting. It involves clarifying and/or reorganizing a manuscript for content and structure.

This is more intensive than the manuscript evaluation, includes a 5-20 page editorial letter and in-manuscript edits and suggestions to improve the story and structure of the manuscript. (This does not include corrections to spelling/grammar.)

Not sure what type of editing you need?
Read this blog post for a little more detail on different kinds of editing.

*I specialize in young adult, women’s fiction and romance fiction. I also have experience in accessible nonfiction. I do not read or edit thrillers, horror, or erotica.

*I can provide appropriate versions of these services to business and non-profit clients.


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“Trisha provided an excellent service. With a quick turnaround time, she found inconsistencies which I had overlooked and performed a meticulous copy edit as well. I highly recommend Trisha’s razor-sharp eyes and literary perspective for any project—fiction and non-fiction alike.”

– Todd Foley, author