Freelance Editing Services

You’ve done something amazing – you’ve written a book. I can help you polish it so that your story shines and readers won’t want to stop reading.

I offer the following editorial services for authors.

Manuscript Evaluation
A thoughtful assessment of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, with in-depth notes on how to make the book even better. Focused on writing and story craft. This includes a 5-20 page editorial letter with notes and suggestions. (This does not include corrections to spelling/grammar.)

Developmental Edit
Clarifying and/or reorganizing a manuscript for content and structure. This is more intensive than the manuscript evaluation, includes the above editorial letter as well as in-manuscript notes and suggestions to improve the story and structure of the manuscript. (This does not include corrections to spelling/grammar.)

Copy Edit
Checking all the little things like spelling, grammar, punctuation and word usage. This is a detailed edit that makes sure the manuscript is correct, complete, and consistent. This may include some rewriting or rearranging of text.

Reading proofs of a finished manuscript. The final check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, misplaced words, completion of copyedits, and correct layout. (This may include light copyediting but is not a full copyedit and does not involve rewriting sentences or rearranging content.)

*I edit all genres except horror and erotica.

*I can provide appropriate versions of these services to business and non-profit clients.


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“Trisha provided an excellent service. With a quick turnaround time, she found inconsistencies which I had overlooked and performed a meticulous copy edit as well. I highly recommend Trisha’s razor-sharp eyes and literary perspective for any project—fiction and non-fiction alike.”

– Todd Foley, author