Editing Services for Non-Profit Organizations (& Businesses too)

Every organization produces written content. I can help you ensure it is engaging and error-free.

Developmental Edit
Have a document but not sure if it’s hitting the mark? This type of edit helps with clarifying and/or reorganizing text for content and structure. It asks questions like: Does it make sense? Is it serving your purpose? Is the information presented in the best format and order? (This edit does not include corrections to spelling/grammar.)

Copy Edit
This type of edit checks all the little things like spelling, grammar, punctuation and word usage. This is a detailed edit that makes sure the manuscript is correct, complete, and consistent. This may include some rewriting or rearranging of text.

The final step before hitting print, proofreading is checking proofs of a finished document. It is the final check for proper layout and all those pesky typos. (This includes light copyediting  (grammar, spelling) but is not a full copyedit and does not involve rewriting sentences or rearranging content.)

Hire me to make sure your website, blog posts, promotional materials or annual reports are concise, engaging, and error-free.

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Need something written before it can be edited? I’m also available to help you write these pieces — take a look at my writing services page for details on what I write.

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Editing Qualifications

I have a Bachelor’s degree in communications (professional writing) and nearly ten years’ experience as a professional communicator. I’ve done a combination of writing and editing for businesses, non-profits, and independent authors. On top of all that, I’ve studied copyediting, proofreading, fiction writing, developmental editing, and more through in-person and online courses with Mount Royal University, Liminal Pages Editing, and more.

I’m a member of the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors.

Contact me for a free, no obligation editing quote today.

Editing Process

When you email me about an editing project, I’ll respond with a a few questions about the project to get all the details about it, such as the word count, document type, timeline, your goals, and so on. This helps me create that custom quote for you.

Once we agree on the project details, we’ll both sign a simple contract that clearly states what work I’ll be doing, the deadline, and the cost. Then, I’ll invoice you for a 50% deposit before I start work. Once the deposit is paid and I have the document in my inbox, I’ll get to work. I will always aim to get the project completed on time, and if possible finish it early.