Book Coaching Services

You’re writing a book, or you want to be writing one, but you’re feeling stuck and need some help. That’s where a book coach comes in.

What is a book coach?
A book coach is someone who guides a writer through the writing process. They provide encouragement, advice, deadlines, tools, and more to help the learning and writing process move forward. Book coaching can be helpful at any stage of the book writing process.

What does book coaching look like?
I offer book coaching at an hourly rate to give you as much or as little guidance as you need. It includes a custom combination of video chats, email conversations, and written feedback to encourage you in your writing and help you make progress on your book.


Contact me to chat about your book coaching needs.


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“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Trisha! She is so knowledgeable, caring, thoughtful, and insightful. This is my first full-length manuscript, and throughout the editing process, she has not only respected and maintained my literary voice but she has also helped me make my work come to life. I highly recommend working with Trisha!”

– Amandella Joseph, author