There's nothing like a beach vacation to get me back into reading! I read 5 books on my recent trip and started a sixth. It was a lovely holiday. Now that I'm back into regular life, I have a little less time to read - mainly my lunch break and my evenings for print and ebooks, and a bit of commute time to listen to an audio book. This week's books are When Dimple Met Rishi, The Assassin's Continue Reading
A new drama teacher teaches two aggressive girls the art of stage combat, hoping to get them to understand the costs of violence. The girls battle out their issues in rehearsals, and as the their interest in stage combat grows, so does their interest in playing the parts of Mercutio and Tybalt in their school production of Romeo and Juliet.Continue Reading
The key to a good used bookstore shopping list it to have a mix of books, genres, and authors, mostly backlist with a handful of newer books that would be really exciting to find. I'm not sure how well I've done on this list, but it's a start. Continue Reading
The Life and Deaths of Blanche Nero is a story that is both elegant and disturbing, meandering and fast-paced. It is a coming of age story, but not in your typical sense. Blanche is nearly sixty and staying in Venice writing out her life story. While there she is discovering who she is and who her father was. She is learning what love is, and that it isn't quite what she thought.Continue Reading
Nicholas is a twelve-year-old with red hair whose dad just remarried. His new stepmom is a chain-smoking, ex-Jehovah’s Witness. Tomorrow at lunch, the biggest boy in grade six plans to beat him up—he even made a Facebook event. Should Nicholas skip school, even if it means missing the chance to audition for the class play and impress his English teacher?Continue Reading