A dozen pairs of eyes, at least, were staring at him. They weren't happy eyes either. And they weren't on happy faces. They were downtrodden. They stared at him with overwhelming sadness leaking from the holes in their faces. They were gaunt faces. Skin stretched taught from malnutrition. And they weren't very clean either. Mud and grime streaked across their skin, creating a motley rainbow Continue Reading
This week’s prompt was: “I like your hair.” He looked her up and down. “Can I have a piece?” He'd been following them for twenty-seven minutes. Amelia had started counting when she saw him walk past them and felt his eyes rove her figure from her chest to her toes and back up to the top of her head. She'd heard him breathing, heavily, as he passed, and heard that breathing stick around.Continue Reading
Essentially, the seven sentence story is a plotting exercise to help you get the framework of your story down. It's the main events of your story stripped of all the extra stuff that make something exciting to read. Then, once you have the seven sentences outlining your main events, you can fill in all the details and make a complete story, or even novel!Continue Reading