My sweet husband subscribed me to the YA Novel Tea Club box (he's been paying attention to what I've been reading lately!). Novel Tea Club promises a perfect night in. Each box contains a book, a beverage (tea, coffee or hot chocolate), and a few other goodies to go along with the other items.Continue Reading

Naming an Etsy Shop

I mentioned in my book haul post last week that I opened an Etsy shop in January. I’ve been considering opening a shop for nearly a year, humming and hawing over what I could sell. Once I finally decided on the earrings I’d discovered and started making, I spent over two months trying to figure […]Continue Reading
This quote is applicable to what I wrote about yesterday in my blog tour discussion of Saving Montgomery Sole and the importance of reading about people who are different than us. It's applicable to what's happening in our world today. We can't fight hate with hate. We must fight it with love. And books are one of the strongest weapons we have.Continue Reading