Book: Moxie Author: Jennifer Mathieu Published: September 19, 2017 Publisher: Roaring Book Press Genre:  YA Contemporary Source: ARC from Raincoast Books Goodreads | | Indigo | Kobo |   Synopsis Vivian Carter is fed up. Fed up with her small-town Texas high school that thinks the football team can do no wrong. Fed up with sexist dress codes and hallway harassment. Continue Reading
If you read any young adult novel this year, read this one. The Hate U Give has spent 30 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List (most of that in the number one spot) and for good reason. This book is incredibly well done, is own voices, a diverse read, and probably the most important novel of 2017.Continue Reading
A woman sets out on a cross-country road trip, unknowingly tracing in reverse the path her mother traveled thirty years before. In parallel tales, the three women -- Louise, Florrie, Ethel -- discover that not all journeys follow a map. As they rediscover their carefree selves on the road, they learn that sometimes the paths we follow are shaped more by our traveling companions than by our Continue Reading
Jack might be the only kid in the world who's dreading summer. But he's got a good reason: summer is when his single mom takes a second job and leaves him at home to watch his autistic kid sister, Maddy. It's a lot of responsibility, and it's boring, too, because Maddy doesn't talk. Ever. But then, one day at the flea market, Maddy does talk—to tell Jack to trade their mom's car for a box of Continue Reading
Middle-aged couple Daphne and Rollie and their friend Alex are out of work and out of luck when they get the idea to make their own porno film for some quick cash. The only problem is none of them want to star in it. As if on cue, a birthday telegram messenger arrives on their doorstep...Continue Reading