Hello! I’m Trisha Jenn Loehr. It’s lovely to meet you.

I’ve loved words since I was a tiny girl. Remember that kid in elementary school who always had her nose in a book? That was me. (And still is!)

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communications (focus: professional writing) and ten years of experience as a professional communicator. I’ve done a combination of writing and editing for businesses, non-profits, and independent authors. On top of all that, I continue to study business writing, fiction writing, copyediting, proofreading, developmental editing and more through in-person and online courses.

I’m based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and am able to write and edit Canadian and American English for clients across North America.

I started freelancing part-time in 2015 and made the leap to full-time in 2018. This website started as a blog to talk about books and has evolved over the years to include writing, pregnancy loss, and my business.

I’m a member of the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors and Editors Canada.


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