Trisha, a white woman, holds a newborn baby in her arms

My last blog post was published on August 17, 2020 and it’s now October 2022…so yeah, it’s been a while.

Why did I disappear? What have I been up to for the last two years and why am I back now? I’m so glad you asked!

Why did I disappear?

I used to blog a lot. A LOT. Earlier in the life of this little website (when it was solely a blog and not the home of my business), I sometimes published five blog posts a week. And then I slowed it down to one per week, which felt manageable when I was also trying to get my freelance business going.

And then pregnancy loss and infertility really started to impact my life. But I kept blogging and started writing about that too.

And then a global pandemic started.

And that global pandemic impacted things like fertility treatments.

So, in mid-2020, I took a step back. Writing any content was a huge mental battle. I was awaiting surgery and fertility treatments and going on two years of infertility after two years of pregnancy losses. I was using all of my mental energy to do the client work I’d already contracted for and trying to figure out what I wanted my business to look like in the future. All while grieving the fact that I still didn’t have a baby to raise.

The blog became the lowest priority on my to-do list.

I meant to restart it in August 2021, after a one year hiatus.

Instead, I had a baby!

What have I been up to?

Evie, a white baby girl wearing a red sweater and a shirt that says "Calgary", sits in front of a bookshelf.
My little rainbow babe.

That’s right, friends! I had a baby. In January 2021, we had a successful IUI (a non-invasive fertility treatment) and in September 2021, our rainbow baby Evie joined us earthside.

So, rather than jump back into blogging, I took a one year maternity leave. After everything we had to go through to get Evie, I felt I deserved it.

Now that my daughter is a little older and napping more consistently, I have some solid chunks of time to work on my blog and my business.

Over the last few months (okay…years) I’ve been slowly:

  • reworking this website so it looks, reads, and functions the way I want (I know, I know, it’s a work in progress)
  • working my way through Author Accelerator’s Book Coach Certification course (Fiction) to learn how to better help authors develop their story skills and get their books written
  • slowly getting back into my own writing and revising my contemporary small town romance WIP
  • reimagining what my business can look like as I factor in being a freelancing stay-at-home parent

What’s the future of trishajennreads look like?

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! You’re a superstar.

After finally bringing a baby home, I realized that my dream of being a mom isn’t the only dream I have. It’s not my be all, end all. I still want to do this writing-editing-coaching thing. I love the joy, the entertainment, the learning, and the journey of a great romance novel—of reading one, writing one, or helping another author complete or revise one. My plan is to work part-time so that I can enjoy the best of both my roles—my role as stay-at-home mama and my role as book lover/reader/writer/editor/book coach.

My goal for trishajennreads is that this little business of mine will be a place to share joy, deliver encouragement to writers, and talk about books with satisfying HEAs.

Trisha Jenn Loehr

At the moment, the future of this little website and my business look like this:

  • one blog post per month about writing/editing or reading (occasionally something related to infertility, pregnancy loss, or parenting after loss may pop up)
  • finishing my Author Accelerator book coach certification
  • opening up to client edits and book coaching starting in spring 2023
  • figuring out a semi-consistent schedule for posting on Instagram and Twitter, with a balance between writing/editing tips, squee-ing about books, and sharing life as a bookish mama

I’m still wrapping my mind around how everything is going to work. But here’s to figuring things out as we go and jumping in with enthusiasm.

Let’s reconnect

While I work my way toward reopening for client projects in the spring, I would love to develop a greater connection to the writing and editing community around me.

Have you been following my blog for a while?
Please comment below and tell me what you’re reading or writing.

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Follow me there (@trishajennreads) and send me a DM to tell me you read this blog post and a little about you and your connection to the writing/editing community.