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Book: Love, Or Something Like It: A Connection of Stories
Author: Todd Foley
Published: September 23, 2018
Publisher: Cedar Rock Publishers
Genre: Fiction, Short Stories
Format: EBook
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Love forges commitment. It shatters hearts. It guides as we make our way back – and can lead us further astray. In the chaotic world of Los Angeles, there is a chain reaction of love, loss, rage, vengeance, shame, bravado, paranoia, tenderness and hope:

  • A fate-determining reunion at a Hollywood hot spot.
  • A far-from-enjoyable holiday cruise.
  • A romance for the ages started in a funeral home.
  • Two very different road trips taken by two very different women . . . with one married man in common.
  • A family dinner ruled by a cold patriarch.
  • A high school sophomore taking a long shot at for the girl of his dreams.

With two acts and seven short stories, this is one big, tangled, twisted, all-American tale about love – but not a love story.(Goodreads)

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When a friend from university writes a book, you want to read it. Especially when you’ve already read that friend’s other books (Eastbound Sailing & Charades) and loved them.

When you know someone is an incredibly talented and skilled writer, you want to read what they write.

And yet, somehow, it has taken me over a year to read Todd Foley’s latest book.

This book is completely different from his novels. It’s a collection of short stories that are all connected in the most brilliant ways. But, at the same time, it’s completely like his other books because of how seamlessly and surprisingly he weaves his stories together. His dialogue is perfectly formed, full of subtext and emotional reactions and nuance.

I know, I’m slightly biased because he’s my friend. We took some writing and communications classes together in uni. I’ve encouraged him in his writing and he’s encouraged me in my endeavours.

But this book…it made it me feel all the feels.

This collection of seven stories is all about love — how it’s wonderful and difficult and painful and strange. The stories are connected in ways that shocked me at first but then felt absolutely perfect. I laughed at times, I grinned, and then I cringed, and then I gasped. Todd is a master at making you think you know where the story is going and then turning things upside down and inside out.

Todd navigates the emotional turmoil of love with depth and nuance. Love, Or Something Like It is heartwarming and funny, gut-wrenching and violent, sweet and bitter all at once. 

I highly recommend.

And, at the time of this writing, the ebook is only about a dollar. So go treat yourself.

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A collection of short stories about love...but not a love story. Book Review of Love, Or Something Like it by Todd Foley


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