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Aye-Aye Gets Lucky | Image of a lemur on a treeBook: Aye-Aye Gets Lucky (Endangered & Misunderstood #1)
Author: Terri Tatchell
Illustrator: Ivan Sulima
 November 16, 2019
Publisher: Fielding House Press
Genre: Picture Book
Format: Paperback
Source: Received for review


Join endangered and misunderstood AYE-AYE on his quest to win back the hearts of the people of Madagascar after his mischievous pranks get him banned from his favorite village and labelled bad luck. Luckily for AYE-AYE, he meets a new friend who shows him first-hand how unpleasant being scared can feel. Armed with a little empathy and compassion, it doesn’t take AYE-AYE long to figure out that being kind and helpful is the best way to turn his luck around forever.

On the surface “AYE-AYE Gets Lucky” is about a misunderstood lemur finding a way to win the love of the villagers, but look deeper and it’s a story about empathy, self-acceptance, community and second chances (Goodreads)

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This little picture book has a lovely rhythm and bright, colourful illustrations. As I read it, all I could think was how I should be turning the pictures out toward an audience of elementary school kids. The text is poetic and sing-songy (that’s not really a word, but oh well) in the best way.

Aye-Aye Gets Lucky really, really wants to be – no needs to be – read aloud. 

Aye-Aye is a Madagascar Lemur (they are also known as aye-ayes), and he’s one of a number of endangered animals that Terri Tatchell (a Canadian writer who has Oscar and BAFTA nominated work on the movie ‘District 9’) is creating children’s books about. This is the first book in the series, with two more to come next year (2020).

Illustration of a lemur handing a child a banana

How pretty are these illustrations?

A fun picture book about a lemur and a flying fox.

The story is cute, if a little moralistic. Aye-aye takes great delight in scaring the people in his village. They get sick of it though, and banish him. He meets another animal, a flying fox, who teaches him what it’s like to be scared and suggests he tries being nice and helpful to see if that might make the people welcome him back.

The back of the book also includes a spread of facts about the Aye-Aye and the flying fox. And, the website includes resources and activities for parents and teachers who want to teach their kids about endangered animals.

Aye-Aye's favourite tea - chocolate tea

The book package came with a pouch of Aye-Aye’s favourite tea – Chocolate Mint. How sweet!


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Aye-Aye Gets Lucky, picture books about endangered animals

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