It’s November, and that means it’s NANOWRIMO time. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for updates on my NaNo progress as I try to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Writing prompts like this are super helpful when I’m drafting new stories.

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If you write fiction, every once in a while you need a little push to get some new ideas flowing or to get to know your characters a little bit better.

Writing prompts are a great way to practice your writing. Plop your characters into a new scene and see what they do.

Looking for a writing prompt? Look no further!

That’s not quite what I asked for.

Write what you will!
Where was this written? Who said this? Why did they say this? Who did they say it to? What does it mean?

Neon sign that says: The sign you've been looking for // Writing prompt: That's not quite what I asked for.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash


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