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It's a Girl Thing! Smart, Fierce, and Leading the Way by Pri Ferarri - a picture book with a black firl standing with a sword above a giant squid tentacleBooks: It’s a Girl Thing! Smart, Fierce, and Leading the Way
Author: Pri Ferrari
Illustrator: Pri Ferarri
 March 5, 2019
Publisher: Kane Press / Starberry Books
Genre: Picture Book
Format: Hardcover
Source: Received for review from Thomas Allen & Son


What do girls like to do? What can they be? This fun and inspiring book answers those questions and stands as a reminder to girls that they are strong and capable. Illustrated with adorable spot art that contains just a dash of whimsy, the diverse group of girls showcased throughout is sure to inspire the next generation of rule-makers and rule-breakers. (Goodreads)

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As soon as I saw the title and cover of this book, I knew I needed it.

It’s a Girl Thing! Smart, Fierce, and Leading the Way is a simple and short (48 pages) picture book. Each spread has two sentences on it facing an illustration. It is bright and colourful and diverse. Pri Ferrari has created an amazingly beautiful book.

The whole premise of this book is that girls and can be and do anything they want. They are chemists and CEOs and mechanics and musicians and chefs and creators and more. They are strong and brave. This book is exactly what girls ages five to nine need to hear (and what preteen girls need to be reminded of). As a girl you can be and do anything you want. You are smart and strong and creative and whatever you want to be.

Along with being simply inspirational, the book is also stunning. Pri’s illustrations are bright and fluid with a watercolour type style. And – the book is so diverse. There are girls of all shapes, sizes, colours, hairstyles and clothing styles. There’s a girl in hijab. There’s a girl in a wheelchair. There are girls with short hair, long hair, pink hair, blue hair; girls in pants and girls in dresses.

Girls are athletes. They play soccer and basketball and football. They swim and surf and become fast and strong. (Image of a whole bunch of girls in different sporting gear)

Just one of the many spreads in the book. (And yes, there is an image in this book of a girl riding a dragon!)

Every child and every parent needs to read this book together. This book should be in every elementary school classroom and every daycare library. These are the types of books we need more of. Books that show potential and inspire dreams in positive ways. This book is not about what girls can do that boys can’t or that a girl can also do something that boys can do. It’s just completely simple – girls can and are doing these things and let’s celebrate that.

Girls are gamers. They explore worlds, escape from magical mazes, and beat the hardest levels. (images of girls playing games and using a laptop computer and gaming headset)

Yes! Girls are gamers too. And astronauts and doctors and CEOS!


The only thing that would have made this book better would be spread of photos and names of real girls and women who are doing these jobs and these activities. I think that would really make it hit home for a lot of readers (kids and parents alike) to see that this is truth and the illustrations represent real people and these are their names and faces. (Thanks to my sister-in-law Heather for this amazing idea!)


A cool note about this book: It was first published in Brazil in 2016 through a crowdfunding campaign. The 2019 edition is the first printing in English.

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Girls can do anything! An inspirational picture book on trishajennreads - It's a Girl Thing Smart, Fierce and Leading the Way by Pri Ferarri


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