May is over. June has begun. I haven’t done a wrap up post in quite some time, but I felt like it was time.

May was an emotional month

I didn’t blog a lot in May. It was a weird month for me this year, for a few reasons. For one, Mother’s Day is in May. Last year, I joyfully announced my pregnancy here on the blog with a Mother’s Day post. It was exciting. And we were hopeful that that second pregnancy would be the baby we’d get to keep after having a miscarriage the year before. But, sadly, our beautiful baby boy was stillborn. And then in December I had another miscarriage. So, needless to say, Mother’s Day 2019 was not quite the day I’d hoped it would be. It was a tough day, as it is for all pregnancy loss parents. I was able to celebrate my mom and my mother-in-law, because they are amazing. But, the day itself and especially the day after were tough. I definitely spent a few days crying. With all the emotion of Mother’s Day and all the memories of this time last year – ultrasounds and nursery planning and shopping for baby items – May was hard.

May was also full of family time

After Mother’s Day passed, May got a lot better. My twin brother and his wife came back to Canada after living in New Zealand for nearly two years. It was so great to see them! They stayed with us for a few weeks and it was incredibly fun to be able to just hang out with them and see them every day. Even better, my other brother who also moved to New Zealand came home for a visit! And we spent a board-game-filled weekend away with most of our family to celebrate my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. How crazy is that? Forty years of marriage. They are truly an inspiration. It was wonderful to spend time together.

Books, books, books

Even with all that family time, I still managed to spend a lot of time in a bookish mindset. May means TWO amazing charity book sales in my city. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my huge book hauls. Those were some fun Saturdays. And, on top of that, this May was the 10th anniversary of Little Free Libraries! So of course, I had to participate in their fun #LFL10 Big Share and visit a Little Free Library.


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Read, read, read

With all this going on, I managed to read 12 books! That’s my second highest month this year.

I’ve been reading A LOT of romance this year. I had a conversation the other day with a friend about what we read, and I realized, once again, that I really enjoy reading light and fluffy books. Don’t get me wrong, I want some substance and some plot. I like some emotional twists and turns. But, I also want the Happily Ever After ending. Which is why I think I like romance so much. I love the focus on relationships, on people realizing things about themselves and growing as people, and that I always get a warm, fuzzy, sweet, happy ending. Life doesn’t always have happy endings, and if we do get one it can take a looooong time to get there. But with a romance novel, in less than 500 pages you get the ups and downs and the satisfying happy ending to wrap things up and make you smile. I like that. And yes, I recognize that I do read to escape reality sometimes. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, a short escape is what you need to rest and refill your tank so you can keep going through the hard stuff of reality. Life is hard. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a rest to smile, laugh, and celebrate someone else’s happy ending.

What did you miss?

While  I didn’t blog a lot in May, I did post a few times.

I have a few authors that I really like and I’ve started delving into their backlists. One of these backlist books really didn’t work for me. And as I thought about it, and about other authors whose earlier books I’ve read, I realized how neat it is to see an author grow and become a better writer as they write more books.

I tried out a new writing tip and shared it with you so you can try it too. Batch-writing has been working for me lately and it might work for you too.

Along with my conversation mentioned above, I thought about how the books I read affect my mood and how that impacts my ability to recommend books to readers who love genres I’ve learned aren’t great for me to read. (Spoiler: If you want thriller recommendations, I’m not your gal. Romance though – I can help with that.)

Book reviews are pretty staple parts of a book blog and I only wrote ONE BOOK REVIEW in May. It was for a fun little romance that had a heavier side to it that I was not expecting. Still, it was a fun read.

With this post, I’m hoping to get back in the groove with blogging. Taking a break was good for me. I used it to relax and refresh, to spend time with family, and to focus some energy on my freelance writing and editing business. And now, I’ve got a huge list of posts to write for you — about books I’ve read, things I’ve experienced, and fun things to do. Here’s to June!

What did you read or experience in May?
Tell me in the comments. 🙂

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