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Gizmo has been part of our family for seven months! It’s been a ride. He’s super sweet and has been a wonderful addition to our home. Having a dog means you have someone else to shop for. And we’ve done a fair bit of shopping for him.

Here are my favourite dog products that we’ve been using a lot lately.

tricky treat ball dog toy

Treat Ball

I nabbed a Treat Ball like this on sale and thought it would be a fun thing for Gizmo to try. It became our LIFESAVER this winter when it was frigid outside for weeks on end (-30 C or colder every day for nearly all of February), it was just too cold to take him for walks.The first time we gave him this ball, he couldn’t figure out how to get the food that he knew was inside. He tried to chew his way in (as he does) and it didn’t work. In his frustration, he whacked the ball super hard with his paw. It rolled away and treats fell out! He was enthralled and very quickly figured it out. Now he’s a pro. He gets all his meals in this thing (kibble) and has learned to use his paw or his nose to push it and to grab it gently with his mouth to stop it from rolling under furniture. He used to inhale his entire meal in less than 30 seconds. Now, it can take him up to 20 minutes to play with his ball and eat his meal. His tail wags happily the whole time.




Why I love this product:

  • It keeps Gizmo-pup busy for a chunk of time.
  • It slows down his eating and helps prevent bloat.
  • Gizmo obviously enjoys it.
  • It’s lightweight rubber, doesn’t make a lot of noise when he pushes it into stuff, and is easy to clean.
  • It fits his kibble and all kinds of treats.



Easy Walk Dog HarnessHarness

The first time we took Gizmo for a walk he pulled and pulled. He was so excited to be out and about. The problem, beyond pulling us, was that he was choking himself. We immediately walked over to one of the pet shops near us and bought him a walking harness (like this Easy Walk Harness) and he stopped pulling and walked nicely. It was a miracle.

We have since also bought a more padded harness (like this) with metal D-rings on the front and back so we have more versatility when we walk him. The front clip is great for regular walks. If you tug lightly on the leash, your pup automatically turns to face you. You have a lot of control. The back clip is awesome for hiking, snowshoeing and adventuring. It gives pup some freedom to explore, but also allows you a bit of control without the risk of choking him if he pulls. Plus, the handle on ours helps us grab him when we need to if he’s started to get into something that’s not safe.



Why I love this product:

  • It helps Gizmo walk better on leash – less pulling and when he does pull he doesn’t choke himself.
  • The versatility of front and back leash clip points.
  • He’s more comfortable and so are we.


Tuffy Ultimate Ring dog toyTuffy Ultimate Ring 

I wanted to make sure we had some good toys to keep our puppy busy. As soon as I knew he was ours, I talked to a few friends who had lab-type dogs about their favourite toys for their pups. The Tuffy brand was suggested and now I know why. Gizmo has both a stuffed ring and a nostuff ring. He’s had them both for seven months and they are both still intact. Even with some heavy-duty chewing, he hasn’t been able to get inside them. And, the squeakers in both are still all working (there’s a bunch of squeakers in each ring). Gizmo plays with both his Tuffy rings all the time. I definitely want to get more Tuffy toys for him.





Why I love this product:

  • It’s super durable, especially for a fabric toy.
  • The squeakers are so fun.
  • They can be used as chew toys, tug toys, and fetch toys.


Benebone Pawplexer dog toyBenebone Pawplexer

My Gizmo-pup is a chewer. A heavy-duty chompa. And these are the only chew toys I’ve found that are durable enough for him and keep his attention. They are made of nylon and can be flavoured like bacon or chicken or peanut butter. Gizmo has gone through two of these in seven months. Nearly every morning after breakfast, he relaxes on his bed with his Pawplexer to chew for a while. (When we took his old one away after he chewed it down so much it was almost gone he was not happy with us. That’s the ONLY time he’s chewed on something other than his toys. And he chomped on our Christmas tree ornaments and presents. As soon as we got him another Benebone, he was a happy camper and ignored the tree. He hasn’t chewed on anything other than his toys since.)

Why I love this product:

  • It keeps my pup’s attention.
  • You can shove a bully stick in the middle for an extra treat and extra busy-dog time.
  • His chewing keeps his teeth clean.
  • It lasts him a good while.
  • He chews this instead of my furniture.


A box of compostable pet waste bagsCompostable Dog Poop Bags

The bigger the dog, the bigger and more abundant the poop. When we decided to get a dog, I knew there’d be poop. But I wasn’t expecting quite so much of it. That said, I’m glad we have these compostable doggy poop bags so all the doo-doo can go in our compost bin instead of in the trash. Saving our planet, one poop bag at a time! We bought this box of compostable pet waste bags in September and haven’t had to buy any since. (And my mother-in-law has already gifted us more poop bags, so we’re set for a good long time!)




Why I love this product:

  • I need poop bags anyway, and I’d rather contribute to compost than to the landfill.
  • They are stronger than any of the plastic poop bags we’ve tried (no breakage = no poop on my hands!)
  • They come in perfectly sized rolls for the dispenser on my leash.

There you have it! These are our current favourite dog products.
What are yours?



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