In January I wrote about reading goals. I explored some ideas for reading challenges that don’t centre around reading a million books. Middle Grade March is one such reading challenge.

The concept of Middle Grade March is super simple: Read one middle grade book this month.

That’s it!

The point: Middle grade books often get dismissed by older readers as boring, silly books for little kids. But they are actually a whole collection of amazing books that are fun or sweet or adventurous and they often tackle complex topics in unique ways. So, in an effort to help more readers discover these amazing books, bookish folks all over the internet promote and participate in this reading challenge/read-a-thon to encourage folks try out a book category, ideally middle grade, that they don’t usually read.

What is middle grade fiction: Middle grade books are books written for and about readers in the age range of about 8 to 12 years old.

“I like middle grade books because they are full of magic and adventures and friendship without the angst and love triangles of teen books. The 8-12 books are just fun reads.”
– Kim, a dedicated reader of middle grade books

I enjoy middle grade fiction now and then. I have a few books lined up that I’ll be writing about the rest of this month. My friend Kim (who occasionally pops in here with some Fangirl Friday posts), reads a ton of middle grade books. She loves how they often focus on a nobody who gets plopped into an adventure and then joins up with a group of misfits to solve a problem.

Will you join me in Middle Grade March and pick up a book middle grade book this month?


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Middle Grade March: A readathon to try books aimed at younger readers on trishajennreads. Book covers of Squirrel Girl, The Super Life of Ben Braver and Real Friends

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