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Like a lot of folks these days, I like finding great local companies to purchase from. Earlier this year, I discovered a new Calgary-based company called Livingstone Brand. They were looking for ambassadors to try out their new backpack. It looked like a fun opportunity, and I’ve been in the market for a larger pack for hiking and exploring, so I signed up.

They sent me a discount code to try out their first product, The Alberta Pack. As a born and raised Alberta girl, I was quite excited. It’s always fun to find a product named after your home. The Alberta pack comes in three colours – blue, black and grey. I chose the grey. I love that it has bright, sunny yellow zipper pulls.

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a grey backpack in snow

The Alberta Pack is lightweight and perfect for snowshoeing and hiking adventures.

The Alberta Pack is a 25 Litre ultra-lightweight backpack. It’s made of nylon, is waterproof, and collapses into a teeny, tiny pouch. The pack is super simple. There’s one pocket on the front that’s great for stuffing an extra layer or a trail map, two side water bottle pockets, and one big pocket inside. Unlike a lot of other packs I’ve tried, I never forget which pocket I put something in when I use this pack. For little things that I don’t want loose in the pack, like my keys or cell phone, I just use one of my cute zipper pouches and tuck that into the pack with all my other stuff.

It’s a great day pack for hiking and snowshoeing — it was so comfortable to wear and I was able to stuff a ton of snacks and extra layers into it. I’ve also used it to lug my laptop and notebook around for writing meetups, and I’ve even used it to go pick up a library book haul or two (pretty on brand, eh?).

library books spilling out of a backpack

The Alberta Pack by Livingstone Brand is great for library book hauls.

The pack, as you can see, collapses into this teeny, tiny pouch for storage or travelling. I’m stoked to bring it on my upcoming vacation because I know it won’t take up any space at all in my suitacase. And, because of the material they’ve used and the way they’ve designed the seams, it’s waterproof (and maybe sand proof? I may need to test this at the beach) so I can use it and not worry about my books getting wet.

library books beside a small grey backpack pouch

The Alberta Pack collapses into a tiny 17 cm pouch.

This backpack is $39.99 USD (there is a toggle on the website’s top menu bar where you can change the currency).  Shipping is a reasonable $5 USD.

The only complaints that I can come up with about The Alberta Pack are that the shoulder straps don’t have any padding and there is no chest strap or hip belt to help redistribute the weight of your load while you’re hiking. These are things that a lot of hardcore hikers likely look for in a pack, but because this pack is meant to be super lightweight and collapse into its tiny 17 cm pouch, that extra padding would add a lot of weight and bulk. It’s a great travel day pack without the padding. The shoulder straps are mesh so hopefully will help avoid the dreaded sweaty stripes on your t-shirt after a warm hike. I don’t think it’s meant to be used for long haul hikes, thus I’m not super bothered by the lack of padding or hip belt.

The Livingstone Brand is a Calgary-based company that aims to create quality, durable and safe outdoor gear. As part of their Packs for Peaks campaign, every pack sold equals a $1 USD donation to a National Park.

Click here to buy your own Alberta Pack
(This is an affiliate link, so if you buy I’ll earn a few dollars, at no extra cost to you.)

Use code: AMBASSADORPROMO10 to save 10%

My favourite lightweight backpack - picture of a grey backpack in snow

The Livingstone Brand Alberta Pack on trishajennreads

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