Family Day is coming up. Here in Alberta, the third Monday of February is a holiday. We all get the day off to spend time with our families. Pretty cool, eh?

But Trisha, you ask, what does that have to do with creating a cozy reading nook for my kids?

Well, from what I’ve heard, kids tend to find more value in getting quality time with their parents than in monetary gifts.

So, here’s my idea for you: get TWO BIG PARENT POINTS this Family Day (or Saturday, or whatever day works for you) by spending quality time with your kids in a way that will also encourage them to spend more time reading.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

And how do you do this?

Spend the day creating a cozy reading nook with your kiddos and then read in it together.

If you Google “reading nook for kids” you will get a some elaborate (and super expensive looking) reading spots. But, it doesn’t need to be that complicated.  Here are five steps to easily create a reading nook for very little money.

1. Choose a place that works for your family’s reading nook.

  • It could be a corner of the living room or play room
  • It could be a spot in your kid’s bedroom
  • It could be that weird little useless nook/bench on the landing where your staircase turns
  • A little used closet, perhaps?
  • Or how about that space under the stairs?

Pro Tip: Make sure there’s enough space for all the kiddos to read at the same time.

Reading nook with poofs, books, neutral colours

Photo by ella_and_tinyt

2. Make it comfy with cushy seating.

  • Fill it with big, fluffy floor pillows (Here’s a tutorial to make a floor pillow out of a twin sheet and old pillows)
  • Add a bean bag chair
  • If your kids don’t like lounging on the floor, slipcover that comfy sofa or chair that you’ve been meaning to donate.

Pro Tip: Add seating that is big enough for parents to be comfortable on for at least the length of a few picture books so you can read in the nook with your kiddos.

reading nook with shelves and fairy lights

Photo from House to Decor

3. Make it cozy and warm.

  • Add soft blankets for curling up in
  • Bring in some stuffed animals who can be reading (and snuggle) buddies – these can be great for kids to practice reading aloud to

Pro Tip: If it’s not cozy and comfortable, nobody will want to use it. Think about what your kids like and add those elements.

Reading corner with shelves of books and a pillow to sit on.

Photo by Peachy Parade

4. Add some décor to make it a place everyone wants to be

  • Hang some pictures of favourite book covers, quotes or that talk about how much fun reading is
  • Add your kiddo’s names to encourage ownership – Bonus activity: make a sign together that says “Millie’s Reading Nook”
  • Find a cute lamp (Ikea has some cute kids’ lamps) to hang or mount on the wall to add light and up the coziness

Pro Tip: Create all the artwork together, that’s another day’s activity of great quality time.

book nook ideas in Google Image Search

A screenshot of Google search image results.

5. Add books!

  • Fill the space with a wide range of reading materials
  • Put books in shelves, bins or baskets to help them stay tidy

Pro Tip: Add a bin or shelf labelled LIBRARY BOOKS to help keep your loans separate from your owned books. Refill that box with new library books every week or two.

pile of children's books with a colourful mug on top

Photo from Pixabay

And there you have it, five steps to build a reading nook for your kids.


Is there anything else you’d add?

A pile of children's book / 5 Easy Steps to Build a Reading Nook for Your Kids

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