Last week I wrote about my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal being only one book for 2019. In 2018, I read 100 books. This year, I’m not aiming for a specific number. While a lot of discussion happens around how many books people read in a year, not as much discussion occurs around what types of books people read or the other reading goals they may have.

Reading goals are about way more than just how many books you read in a year.

I put a call out to some of my fellow book bloggers and readerly friends and they shared some great reading goals. Here are some of them.

Read more books in a specific genre.

  • Read more non-fiction
  • Read more graphic novels
  • Read more mysteries
  • Read more historical fiction
  • Read the classics my friend loves
  • Read more YA or more Adult books
  • Read more poetry
  • Read more romance

Read more diverse books.

  • Read books with LGBTQ+ characters
  • Read books with protagonists of colour
  • Read books with characters with disabilities
  • Read books set in countries other than my own

Read the books you already own.

  • Read the print copies on your shelves
  • Read the ebooks on your ereader
  • Read the audiobooks you’ve already purchased/downloaded
  • Read that book your brother’s friend’s aunt gifted you

Read more retellings.

  • Fairytale retellings
  • Myth retellings
  • All the retellings

Finish reading the book series you’ve started.

  • Finish those seven series you’ve started over the years

Read more fun books.

  • Aim to read books that interest you no matter what others may think of them
  • Read shorter books, fluffy books, kids books, whatever

Read more challenging books.

  • Read books that make you think
  • Read books that teach you something

Read more books recommended by friends.

  • Ask your friends or social media followers for their favourite books

Read books by a new-to-you authors.

  • Read authors your friends or family like
  • Read an author you discover while browsing books

Read all the backlist books of a favourite author.

  • Find a book you like and make a list of all the books that author has writtentrishajennreads' black glasses

Reading goals like these can be easily worked into achievable goals by stating them as: ” Read 1 ________ book this year.” Or, if you’re ambitious, “Read 1 _______ book a month.”

  • Read one LGBTQ+ book this year
  • Read one romance novel this year
  • Read one non-fiction book a month
  • Read one book by a new-to-me author each month

Reading goals and reading challenges can be a solo endeavour or you can participate with a group of readers online through blogs or social media groups. If you want to join a reading challenge, check out girlxoxo’s Master List of 2019 Reading Challenges sourced from all over the interwebs.

What are your reading goals this year?

Different Kinds of Reading Goals other than Number of Books