I’ll admit it – I got lost in the Pinterest wormhole.

I clicked and scrolled and clicked and scrolled and found a ton of amazing and crazy decorating ideas.

And, I found exactly what I needed.

  • I found ideas for that awkward wall beside the back door.
  • I found ways to clean up the clutter in my kitchen.
  • I found a system to make sure we never misplace our keys around the house again.

I found ideas for a Family Command Centre.

It’s a weird name for a bit of wall decor. But, it works.

The idea behind the Family Command Centre, is that it’s a place for all those little things you need to remember and know where they are. It’s purpose is to help the family stay organized.


I kept my Family Command Centre wall pretty simple.

  • A key rack
  • A mail holder
  • A couple of shelves
  • A fun photo from our wedding

All in all, I spent about fifty bucks to get all these little pieces. They are from Walmart and Winners. I scoured a ton of random stores to find things, and ultimately found what I wanted all in one day.

Here’s how to create your own Family Command Centre:

Step 1: Decide where you will put it

Do you have a spot that you always walk past before heading out the door? Is there space there – either on the wall or for furniture – that can be used to organize the things your family needs organized? That’s your Family Command Centre spot.

Step 2: Make a list of what you need your Family Command Centre to do. 

Some Family Command Centres include a calendar with everyone’s activities, hooks for schoolbags and coats for each child, homework folders for all the students, whiteboards or chalkboards for family notes.

Think about your family’s habits and needs. Do you need a place for

  • keys?
  • a grocery list?
  • an activity calendar?
  • kids to drop school stuff?
  • a wallet or office access card?
  • storing mail or other documents?
DIY: How To Make Your Own Family Command Centre on trishajennreads

A key rack for all our car and house keys, so we don’t lose them. A mail holder for the random mail and receipts we want to hold onto but not file away just yet and a fun photo of us to make me smile.

Step 3: Make a wish list of pieces to create your Family Command Centre

Add things like

  • a photo frame
  • shelves
  • folder holders
  • key hooks
  • awhiteboard
  • a pen cup

Step 4: Sketch out some designs for where things might go. 

The key to this is thinking about how your space will be used. Will it be functional for you and workable for your family? Will all the things you’ve thought of actually fit into the space. Go ahead and measure it if you need to. This is also when you’ll want to think about colours and shapes. The function is important, but you need to like how it will look too.

DIY: How To Make Your Own Family Command Centre on trishajennreads

A couple of shelves for pens, notepad, my husband’s wallet, and decor.

Step 5: Go shopping!

Head out to your favourite shops and buy the items you need to put your Family Command Centre together. It’s totally okay to buy a few things that just look cool. Not everything needs to have a function. (My second shelf is purely for showcasing decor items.)

Step 6: Map Out Your Design on Your Wall and then Install it

Before you start drilling holes or nailing things into your drywall, play a little. Take some cardboard boxes, a marker, and a pair of good scissors and trace around each item you’re planning to affix to your wall. Then, using some painter’s tape, you can put stuff up there and see if you like the placement.

Once you like where everything is, go ahead and start attaching things to the wall.

DIY: How To Make Your Own Family Command Centre on trishajennreads

Use cardboard and painter’s tape to map out where you want to place things on your wall. It’s a fun way to play with design.

And that’s it – you’re done! You have a cool looking, home and family organizing masterpiece.

DIY: How To Make Your Own Family Command Centre on trishajennreads

My new Family Command Centre has ensured we always know where our keys are. I’ve even started hanging my earbuds on the key rack so I can easily find them when I want to head out on a walk with an audiobook.

DIY: How To Make Your Own Family Command Centre on trishajennreads

*The quality of these photos isn’t great and the wall is looks like a very blah colour which is making me a) want to paint and b) want to get better at photography. Books are way easier to photograph than walls. 🙂

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