I’ve done it.

I’ve taken the leap.

I’ve decided to pursue my dream and jump into freelance writing and freelance editing full-time.

I’m now a full-time freelancer!

My little business (it’s strange to me to call it that…) has three main components:

  • Freelance Writing for Magazines, Websites, Businesses and Charities
  • Freelance Developmental Editing and Proofreading for Authors
  • This little blog of my own

Take a look at my Work With Me section for all the details.

Where did this decision come from, you ask?

Well, it’s been brewing in my head for years. I’ve always wanted to work from home and write and edit full-time. But, it was scary. It’s a big change to leave a full-time job with a solid salary and good benefits for the complete unknown. I often told myself that I’d keep working on it as a side gig until it was strong enough to go full-time. But, I was so tired from the day job that I didn’t have the energy during my evenings and weekends to really push the side gig forward.

And then I got pregnant.

So I told myself I’d stick with the well-paying day job until the baby was born and then after my maternity leave was over, I’d pursue the freelancing because I would be able to work from home and not have to pay for childcare.

And then my son was stillborn.

An experience like that makes you really think about your life. About your future and your plans. And, about your present.

Because I’m Canadian, live in Canada and delivered my son within sixteen weeks of his due date, I was able to take a paid 16-week maternity leave to recover. Usually that’s for physical recovery and bonding with your baby. For me, I was able to use it for the physical recovery and the emotional/mental recovery that goes along with grief.

During these last four months I’ve realized how unhappy I was at my old job. It was a good job with great people. But it wasn’t my dream. It was actually hindering me from reaching for my goals. And after a lot of thought and a lot of discussion with my husband, I decided not to go back to my day job.

I’ve realized that the best way to honour my son and his little life is to live the best life I can. And that means pursuing my dream of freelancing.

I’ve always dreamed of working from home. Of writing engaging stories. Of working with a range of cool people on projects that interest me. Of helping people tell their stories. Of helping authors make their novels even more amazing.

So here I am.

trishajennreads is open for freelance business.

If you need a writer or an editor for a project, please contact me.

If someone you know might need a writer or an editor for a project, I’d appreciate a referral.

And, if your business would like to collaborate on sponsored blog or social media content, let’s chat.

Cheers, friends! Let’s do this!

  1. Me! Me! Please pick me to work with! Everybody, I’m first in line. Then you can have Trisha as your amazing editor. She knows her stuff!
    Congratulations, Trisha and best of everything to your new endeavour.

  2. GIRL. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU – THIS IS A HUG ACROSS OUR COMPUTER SCREENS BECAUSE I’M NOT IN FRONT OF YOU RN. But you are amazing, talented, crazy cool. I am so glad to be pals with you, and SO PROUD OF YOU for going after this!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

    (…and i promise to finish a book so i can pay you to make it better. XD)

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