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Okay. I ADORE stationary. I have far too much of it. I have journals and notebooks and notepads up the wazoo. But when I was approached to review the new Pipsticks + Workman Gift Line of planners, I could not resist.

They come in three styles:

  • For the DARING
  • For the DRIVEN
  • For the DREAMER

I chose DRIVEN because I loved the typewriter image on the planner.

Pipsticks + Workman Gift Line planner and stationary set in DRIVEN

The Pipsticks + Workman gift line set includes a planner, a notekeeper notepad, and a sticker book.

The collection includes:

  • A 2019 Planner (that starts at August 2018, so you can use it right away!)
  • A Notekeeper notepad
  • A sticker book of a variety of fun stickers

I received my package at the beginning of August and started using the planner right away to try it out. Now, a little over a month in, here are my thoughts.

The Planner

The planner has so many features.

  • I love that it includes both a monthly view and a weekly view. I like to see my whole month at a glance. But, I also like to plan out my week and include more details than would fit in a typical monthly spread.
  • I’m still figuring out how to use the weekly spreads to my best advantage. The weekly spread is a little awkward at first, with three days placed vertically on each page and each day spread into three sections. (Maybe those are supposed to be morning, afternoon and evening? This JUST came to me as I’m typing this… OH MY GOSH. I’m trying that out with next week’s spread…) But also includes a second view of the full week along the bottom. I was using that for mapping out the household things I wanted to accomplish (laundry, floors, bathrooms), but based on another review of these I read (that I wish I could find again so I could link to it…), I’m now trying it as a place to plan out my Instagram posts.
  •  One of my favourite features that I want to use to plan out my blog and social media posts this year is the Holiday List, which includes normal holidays like Christmas and Labour Day and Thanksgiving AND super fun holidays like Typewriter Day, Galentine’s Day, and World Kindness Day.
  • Each month also has a super fun Currently page to document what you’re currently into (things like eating, listening, watching, planning). It’s a fun way I’m finding to actually make myself pause and think about these things.

Pipsticks + Workman planner review on trishajennreads.com

  • It includes stickers too! Five pages of them. They are seasonal and cute and I keep forgetting that they are there. I need to use them more. 🙂
  • Each day in the weekly spread also has a little YAY! spot, perfect for adding a coordinating YAY sticker from the front to celebrate meeting your goals or accomplishing tasks.
  • The planner has super strong front and back covers, and is spiral bound. Both of these features make it durable and easy to flip through and write on. No flimsy, easily damaged covers here. Plus, it has two elastic bookmarks. One can be used to mark the page you’re on and the other can hold the book closed. Handy and cute.
  • Each section is marked by a little laminated tab. This makes it easy to find the month you’re looking for. The laminating is great and makes it more durable. But one of my tabs (November) has the laminating only half-covering the tab. It’s a slight manufacturing defect, that hopefully isn’t common.
Pipsticks and Workman Gift Line review on trishajennreads.com

The laminated tabs make it easy to flip through to note that long awaited massage appointment or vacation booking.

Speaking of defects, here are the things I don’t like about the planner.

  • It’s big. Bulky. Heavy. This planner is great for a desktop planner. But if you like to carry your planner with you, you’re gonna need a backpack not a purse.
  • It’s really cute. Like cutesy cute. Which may or may not go over well in your professional space. Depending on where you work/what you do, the stickers and colours and little quizzes throughout (oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned those yet, but they are cute and fun and reminiscent of younger days and magazine quizzes with the girls at recess or slumber parties), may seem too juvenile.

I haven’t used a paper planner in a looong time. And I’m finding it a little hard to get used to. I write a lot of to-do lists and share a digital calendar with my husband, and have a wall calendar. That’s a lot of calendars to update. But, I am starting to figure out how to use this calendar to plan my days and my blogging tasks. So, all in all, I quite like it.

Pipsticks + Workman planner review on trishajennreads.com

Here’s what this week’s spread looks like. I’m starting to get the hang of using the stickers. 🙂

The Notekeeper

Pipsticks & Workman Gift Line - Notekeeper Goal Tracker review on trishajennreads.com

This little notepad is super cute. But not being spiral bound makes it less functional for me.

This little notepad is adorable.

  • It’s sturdy with hard front and back covers so you can write on it anywhere.
  • It also comes with stickers! They may just be the perfect way to reward yourself for crossing something off your to-do list.
  • The tagline on it says it’s a goal tracker. I’m guessing this means it’s meant to be used for to-do lists and such? And the stickers can be used similarly to the planner to mark and celebrate when something has been accomplished?
Stickers in the notekeeper from Pipsticks and Workman Gift Line, on trishajennreads.com

How fun are these celebratory stickers? You checked something off your to-do list? You get a sticker!

  • Each page is different, with a neat, colourful grid. Some of the pages have illustrations or writing prompt questions.


  • I love making to-do lists. But I’m not sure how to use this little notepad. The pages feel too small for my usual to-do lists, and it’s not spiral bound, so it doesn’t stay open. To be honest, I find it hard to use.
  • The papers are cute though. So, I may end up using them as little note pages to send snailmail notes to friends.
Inside pages of the Pipsticks + Workman Gift Line Notekeeper on trishajennreads.com

The pages in the notekeeper have various grid patterns and some even have fun little illustrations.


The Sticker Book

The stickers are so so so cute. And there’s a fair bit of variety in them too.

Pipsticks + Workman gift line sticker book on trishajennreads.com

A sticker book for grown ups! (It’s not adult content, it’s just plain fun stickers for adults to use in our planners).

  • It’s been a loooong time since I used stickers. I’ve mostly picked up a few sheets a few times a year to send to my sponsor child or a friend’s kid for their birthday.
  • These stickers are fun. I’d forgotten how much people (including myself) love stickers. They are a simple joy. I’m still figuring out how to use them (especially in the planner, but also hopefully soon on the post cards postcards and notes to friends).
  • There’s quite a few of them. And a lot of diversity. I love the plants and the pennants and the coffee ones.
  • There are some strange geometric shape stickers that I don’t love. And a sheet gorgeous sparkly textured stickers, but they are really hard to see which ones
Pipsticks + Workman Gift Line Stickers!



All in all, this new line of stationary is a lot of fun. It brings back memories of starting school with a fresh new planner, getting stickers (gold stars anyone?) for accomplishing things, and giggling with friends over silly quizzes. Keeping it out while I blog and go about my day has reminded me to slow down, think about what I’m doing and why, and to take moment or two to be silly, smile, and place some stickers.

I’d definitely buy the planner. The notekeeper and sticker book, probably not. Although, the stickers are growing on me more and more. (If you’re into stickers, Pipsticks even has a sticker subscription!)

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What do you think?
Are you a paper planner person? A sticker person?

Adorable planners by Pipsticks + Workman, reviewed by trishajennreads.com

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