It’s already Day 2 of Bout of Books 23! If you don’t know what Bout of Books is, check out my sign-up post here. It will give you all the relevant details of what this thing is and why I’m doing it. If you’re interested in going down a rabbit hole, check out the tag #boutofbooks here on trishajennreads to read all my posts about all the rounds of Bout of Books that I’ve participated in. It really is my favourite read-a-thon.

My Reading Progress

Day 1- Monday
Number of pages I’ve read on this day: 92 pages
Amount of time I’ve read an audiobook on this day: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Number of books I finished on this day: 0
Books read from: The Clockmaker’s Daughter, The Book of Mythicality
Totals: 92 pages, 1 hour and 30 minutes, 0 books finished

And — surprise, surprise! I’m already not sticking to my TBR. I very rarely stick to a TBR… Anywho, I didn’t read quite as much as I’d hoped, as I was visiting my grandparents for the day. But I did get to read a fair bit in the evening when my flight got delayed and I was stuck in the airport for 5 extra hours. I made pretty good use of that time though, and convinced someone to buy a book! (See my Twitter thread about it). The book in question was one that I reviewed in 2016. See that review here.


Day 1’s challenge was to introduce myself in six words. I shared mine on Twitter.

I also participated in the Instagram Photo Challenge. You can see all the entries by looking up#bob23igphoto.

How is your reading going?

Follow my reading progress on Twitter at #boutofbooks or here on the blog all week.

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