A few years ago I tried to take up crochet.

I convinced a friend to teach me, bought hooks and a bunch of yarn and a cute little bin to hold all my new craft supplies.

I searched Pinterest to find patterns and ideas for my new hobby.

And then I made one coffee cup cozy and one little disfigured alien amigurumi for my nephew.

After that, I realized that crocheting take a lot of thinking for me. And a lot more finger dexterity than I have. I couldn’t count stitches and watch t.v. or listen to an audiobook at the same time.

So I stopped crocheting.

For two years I’ve had this bin of yarn hanging around.

A basket of yarn on trishajennreads.com

What, oh what, could I do with it?

And then, surprise, surprise, I found some fun ideas on Pinterest. I stumbled upon this tutorial to make a  big pom-pom garland. And this tutorial to make a little pom pom garland. I tried them both.

How to Make a Pom Pom Garland!

First, I tried the big pom pom garland one. My initial pom was lopsided and fell apart when I started trimming it. But my second and third and fourth poms were much better.

pom poms and a basket of yarn

My first homemade pom poms!

Round One: Making a Large Pom Pom Garland

Here are my progress shots to show how my pom pom garland came to be. I love it so much and will definitely be making some more. Who knows, they may end up in my Etsy shop one day.

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

You’ll need:

  • Yarn
  • Sharp scissors (I used my good fabric scissors)
  • A ruler
  • A long needle (I used the plastic one that came with my crochet kit from once upon a time)pom pom supplies: yarn, scissors, ruler, needle


Step 2: Wrap the yarn around your hand 150 times.

Be careful not to wrap it too tightly. You should be able to easily slide the bundle off your hand. (Also, this part was fun and relaxing to just count to 150 over and over again.)

wrap the yarn around your hand 150 times


Step 3: Cut another piece of yarn that is about 8 inches long and lay your bundle on top.


tie the yarn tightly around your bundle


Step 4: Tie your bundle nice and tight.

Make it into a little bow by tying that 8-inch piece around the middle. I tied a knot on one side and then turned it over and double knotted on the other side again.

Make sure it’s reaaaally tight. This is why my first pom fell apart – it wasn’t tied tight enough so all the pieces slid away from each other once I trimmed them.


Step 5: Cut all the loops

cut all the loops in your pom pom bundle

Carefully (watch out for fingers!) cut all the loops open to make your pom a pom. It’ll look strange and malformed but we’re not done yet.


Step 6: Trim, trim trim!

Now, just as carefully, trim the pom into a nice and even round shape. This part gets messy but it’s really fun. It takes some time, so be patient.

trim your pom to give it a round even shape

Also, trim over top of a piece of paper (or like me, a mini vinyl backdrop) so you can just pick it up by the sides and pour your trimmings into the trash rather than having to try to scoop it all into your hands to clean up.


Step 7: Repeat!

Follow the above steps to make as many poms as you need for your garland. I made 10 (and only ended up using 9).

pom poms

Before trimming the pom and after trimming the pom.


Step 8: Use your needle to put all your poms poms on a string. 

I wasn’t quite sure how well this would work for me. But it was surprisingly easy. I used my plastic safety need (no pricked fingers here!) and just poked it through the middle of one pom at a time. It went through pretty easily.

Pom poms and string

I added knots at either end of the garland string so my pom poms didn’t slide off. One thing that I will add next time, is knots in between each pom pom.

a pom pom garland

For this first garland, I just used more of the white yarn as my garland string. In future, I’d like to try sturdier string or even some ribbons.


Round Two: Making a Mini Pom Pom Garland

After making the big poms, I thought I’d try making the little poms to add as accents to my garland.

It didn’t work.

making mini pom poms using a fork

I couldn’t tie them tight enough to keep the pom together. They all just fell apart in my hands.

mini pom pom

I may yet try again, I liked the idea of using the fork to make the little poms.


trishajennreads' black glasses


All in, I’m quite pleased with my new pom pom garland. The poms still need a little more trimming to even them out a little more, but they still make me smile.

a pom pom garland on trishajennreads.com

If you were to make a pom pom garland, what colours would you use?

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