I signed up last minute for the Bout of Books Read-a-thon (see my sign-up post) and while I didn’t get a ton of reading in yesterday on Day 1, I did get some. I was also able to join in on the Monday night Twitter chat which was lovely, as always. There’s just something wonderful about bookish Twitter chats.

My Reading Progress

Day 1- Monday
Number of pages I’ve read on this day: 4 pages
Amount of time I’ve read an audiobook on this day: 1 hour, 22 minutes
Number of books I finished on this day: 0
Books read from: Scrappy Little NobodyThe Bookshop on the Corner
Totals: 4 pages, 1 hour 22 minutes listened, 0 books finished

Today’s Challenges

This day’s challenge is to share a book published the year you were born. I shared mine on Twitter.


This day’s Instagram Challenge was to post your TBR.


How is your reading going?

Follow my reading progress on Twitter at #boutofbooks.

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