I received this book from Playwrights Canada Press for review. This does not impact the content of my review.

The Josephine Knot by Meg BraemBook: The Josephine Knot
Author: Meg Braem
Published: April 9, 2018
Publisher: Playwrights Canada Press
Genre: Contemporary Play
Format: Print
Source: Playwrights Canada Press


After Samantha’s baba dies, her fractured family is summoned to pick through the house full of belongings and trash, leaving taped notes on whatever they want to take. Between old napkins, a closet full of ketchup packets, and a freezer full of rotting meat are gems like a grandfather clock and plastic deer statuettes that hold more sentiment. While her father David sifts through his own memories, all Samantha wants is to find a simple object that could represent her place in the family. When other family members arrive, tug of wars and passive-aggressive conversations commence. In a house full of junk and sadness, it comes down to Samantha and David to find a new way to fit together. (Playwrights Canada Press)

My rating: 3 stars
It was okay. Recommend to some.


Full of dark, memorable moments, The Josephine Knot, is a stunning drama of the chaos that bleeds to the surface when a matriarch dies.

Definitely a bit morbid, it is also full of gorgeously written lines, twisty memories, and intriguing character shifts. The cover is by far the most beautiful part of this play, as inside the pages are full of family feuding, rotting meat, and a whole lot of emotional baggage. And I say all of this in a loving way — it really is beautifully written, with a tangible cadence and fulsome characters.

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