the unbeatable squirrel girl: squirrel meets worldBook: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World
Author: Shannon Hale and Dean Hale
Published: February 7, 2017
Publisher: Marvel Press
Genre: Middle Grade Adventure
Format: Hardcover
Source: Christmas Gift!



Fourteen-year-old Doreen Green moved from sunny California to the suburbs of New Jersey. She must start at a new school, make new friends, and continue to hide her tail. Yep, Doreen has the powers of . . . a squirrel! After failing at several attempts to find her new BFF, Doreen feels lonely and trapped, liked a caged animal. Then one day Doreen uses her extraordinary powers to stop a group of troublemakers from causing mischief in the neighborhood, and her whole life changes. Everyone at school is talking about it! Doreen contemplates becoming a full-fledged Super Hero. And thus, Squirrel Girl is born! She saves cats from trees, keeps the sidewalks clean, and dissuades vandalism. All is well until a real-life Super Villain steps out of the shadows and declares Squirrel Girl his archenemy. Can Doreen balance being a teenager and a Super Hero? Or will she go . . . NUTS? (Goodreads)

My rating: 4 stars
It was lovely. Definitely recommend.


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World is a really fun read. I feel like I’ve been saying that about a lot of books lately, but it’s true. I’m having a ton of fun reading this year. There are a lot of hilarious and cute middle grade books out there.

Doreen Green is hilarious, sweet, kind, and definitely leaps before she looks. She’s a little overeager at times, but everything she says and does comes straight from her huge heart and desire to help. She’s a girl with a giant squirrel tail, buck teeth, and the strength-size ratio of a squirrel. And she’s fourteen (although she felt like quite a young fourteen).

This book is filled with humour, but also some serious topics like responsibility, bullying (both in person and online), friendship, relationships with parents, friends moving away, starting at a new school.

Told from multiple perspectives and unique voices, including Doreen/Squirrel Girl, Ana Sofia (a deaf character living in a hearing world), and even Tippy Toe (a squirrel), Squirrel Meets World is easy to follow and an engaging novel that allows the reader to see things from a lot of interesting and often funny angles. It also includes some text message conversations (including some with some of our favourite Avengers).

There’s also a lot of adventure, mystery, technology — including squirrel traps, robots, flying drones with spinning blades — and some pretty cool battles. This book has a lot of awesome for middle grade (and older) readers.

I’ve seen a few Squirrel Girl cosplays that piqued my interest in this character. Now that I’ve read the first of the novels, I definitely want to read the second (available now!) and also catch up on all the comics.


Have you read Squirrel Girl?

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