Whew! I made it! I survived Bout of Books 21 and I read a fair bit. I’m pleased with myself. To see my progress throughout the week of reading, see my Bout of Books tag.

My Reading Progress 

Day 7 – Sunday
Number of pages I’ve read today: 107
Amount of time I’ve read an audiobook today: 0 (But I did listen to two podcasts!)
Number of books I’ve finished today: 0
Books read from: The Hating Game
Totals: 693 pages, 11 hours 13 minutes listened, 3 books finished

I didn’t quite finish The Hating Game yesterday (I finished it on my lunch break today!) but I’m still happy with my reading progress over the past week. I finished three books in seven days, while working full time. And having a bunch of life events too (I met my 2 week old nephew on Sunday and boy oh boy is he adorable!). All in all, it’s been a successful read-a-thon. I’ve read 5 books so far this year (that’s one book ahead of schedule towards my 100 book goal).

Read-a-thon Thoughts

Apparently, audiobooks are the way for me to go when it comes to read-a-thons. I love me my print and ebooks, but I can’t read those while I drive. And driving is a big part of my day –> 40-60 minutes if my hubs and I carpool and 2 hours if we don’t. That’s a lot of reading time. Plus, the walk from my car to my office is an extra 6-8 minutes of reading twice a day if I’m reading with my ears instead of my eyes. I have the feeling, that despite my goal to read the books I own, I will be reading a lot of audiobooks this year. And, perhaps upping my podcast library too.

I think I’ll keep a couple of the shorter books on my TBR for the next Bout of Books (May 14-20, 2018). But I’ll definitely add in some audiobooks too. Maybe I’ll even try to find some shorter ones to try and up my books-finished score.

I didn’t participate in very many of the challenges this time around, but I’m okay with that. My focus is on the reading. And, as often as possible, on the Twitter chats. Those are a lot of fun.

Did you do Bout of Books? Did you learn anything about your reading habits?


Did you participate in Bout of Books?


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