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I met my Goodreads Reading Goal! Woohoo! My goal was 75 books. I read 88 books this year, which means I got to 118% of my 2017 reading goal. I like setting reading goals to encourage myself to put down the remote, put down books I’m not enjoying, and discover new-to-me books and authors. See my 2017 Reading Goals and my 2017 Reading Goal Wrap Up to see how I did.

2017 Reading Stats – trishajennreads

I’ve seen a few people do breakdowns of their yearly reading stats and I love the idea. So let’s go and see what I read this year. Who knows? Maybe I can compare next year. (Full disclosure: I got these categories from @chelssic  who shared her reading stats in a rad Twitter thread.)

Book Counts

Number of Books I Finished: 88

Number Books in Series: 46

Number of Standalone Books: 42

Page Counts

0 – 100 pages: 19

101 – 200 pages: 12

201 – 300 pages: 13

301 – 400 pages: 23

401 – 500 pages: 16

501 – 600 pages: 2

601 – 700 pages: 2

Total Pages Read: 22,433


1 Star: 0%

2 Stars: 2%

3 Stars: 20%

4 Stars: 42%

5 Stars: 36%


Before 2017: 58

2017: 29

After 2017: 1


Hardcover: 36

Paperback: 34

eBook: 4

Audio: 14

Target Audience

Adult: 34%

Teen: 36%

Middle Grade: 10%

Children: 20%

Note – Some books fit into multiple categories

Classics / Adaptations: 2

Contemporary: 31

Fantasy: 23

Historical: 8

Horror/Thriller: 0

Mystery: 1

Paranormal: 0

Romance: 10

Science Fiction: 2

Nonfiction: 1

Picture Books: 14

Comics: 2

Graphic Novels: 16

Plays: 5


Own/Buy/Gifted: 48%

Borrow/Library: 33%

Publisher/Publicist: 19%


Books by Women: 66

Book by Men: 22


And now, for some random thoughts as I look at all of these numbers.

In no particular order, these are my random thoughts as I consider all of these numbers that I’ve gathered.

  • I read a bunch of 2017 releases. But I read way more 2016 and earlier releases. This makes me feel pretty good, and like I’m tackling my stacks of books scattered around my house.
  • I usually think of myself as a fantasy reader, but this year I read a LOT of contemporary (both YA and Adult).
  • I would like to read some more romance and some more historical next year…maybe even more historical romance. Throw some recs my way, friends!

  • I barely used my ereader this year! And I know I have a whole bunch of great books waiting for me on there. I NEED to use my ereader more in 2018.
  • My default rating seems to be 4 stars. I may need to reconsider my rating system in 2018.
  • I thought I read more Middle Grade than I did. And many of the MGs I read were graphic novels.
  • I’m proud of myself for reading a lot of female authors this year.
  • The split between series and standalones was almost 50/50. Very interesting…
  • Yes, I count picture books in my reading stats. They are books. Their creation required the blood, sweat, and tears of their authors and illustrators. They count.

What did you read the most of in 2017?

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  1. You listened to so many audiobooks this year! I love that you kept track of the length of your books, too. I need to do that in 2018. I started well with keeping track of stats and then forgot about it. Hopefully I can keep up with it next year!

    • I wish I’d kept track! I spent a good portion of this holiday break looking up each book on Goodreads and Amazon to find the page count. 😆 I’m planning to start a book journal tomorrow to keep track of all of this for next year’s wrap up. I find it so interesting! And audiobooks make my hour long commute so much better!

      • I got a spreadsheet from Portal in the Pages on BookTube … hopefully I can keep it up! I love seeing page count, date published, and where the author is from. There’s so many interesting things to keep track of!

  2. Congrats on achieving (and surpassing) your GR challenge!
    Also great to hear you’ve been reading more diversely, it’s always an awesome thing 🙂 Prioritizing reading has been one of my main goals as well and I hope I’ll succeed this year.
    Best of luck with 2018! <3

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