Last January, I wrote a post about my 2017 Writing and Blogging Goals.

I had big goals. 

They were smart goals. They were specific. They were measurable. They were achievable. And they had clear timelines.

I didn’t achieve a single one of my writing goals. 

And I’m okay with that.

My goals were:

  1. Be two weeks ahead in blog calendar (by end-February)
  2. Analyze which blog posts work and which don’t
  3. Complete manuscript draft one by the end of March
  4. Complete revision of manuscript draft one by end of June
  5. Film at least one YouTube video per month

Priorities shift. Goals change. It would have been awesome to achieve some of these goals. But I didn’t, because life.

Scheduling blog posts ahead of time

I’ve had some times where I was ahead by a week or a few days in my blog post scheduling. And that was really, really nice. I will continue to work toward that (as of this writing I already have a couple of posts scheduled and a few more planned for January, so that’s a plus!). But I’m also realizing that with life in general (including working full-time, seeing friends and family, and just having downtime with no responsibilities to allow myself to recharge) I’m not always able to get ahead on the blog. And that’s totally okay.

Analyzing blog post successes

I still plan on trying to do this more in 2018. I was able to look back a few times this past year and it was interesting, but it feels quite a bit like my day job (marketing and communications) and so it’s hard to motivate myself to do the analysis on a regular basis. As much as I’d love this little blog to grow, find more readers and have a larger community of commenters to connect with, I also do not want it to ever feel like a job. This blog is a place for me to have fun, to share my thoughts on books and reading, and to fangirl with other readers. I never want to make that less important than anything else related to the blog.

To encourage myself to continue to learn about which blog posts work and which don’t and to, more importantly, connect with other bloggers, I’ve signed up for Nori’s (ReadWriteLove28365 Commenting Challenge. This is a challenge to comment on 365 blogs in 2018. That’s one comment a day (or seven a week, if daily is too much to commit to). I think it’s totally reasonable to leave seven comments on blogs each week and I’m exciting to jump into the challenge. The lovely Jorie from Jorie Loves a Story tagged me in a tweet and encouraged me to join, and agreed to stay connected to help keep each other encouraged to continue in the challenge. This is one of the reasons I love book blogging – the amazing community.

Complete manuscript draft by March and a revision by June

Yeah..that manuscript is still sitting unfinished. I kept trying to catch up to goal one, that I had to push goal three and four back…and back…and finally in June I realized it probably wasn’t going to happen and I allowed myself to focus on other things. I’ve fallen very much out of love with that story. While I still want to write and finish and hopefully publish a novel one day, I think right now I want to focus my time and energy on other projects.

Film at least one YouTube video a month

Remember way back last December when I started a YouTube channel? My hubs had to hold the camera up the whole time I unboxed a bookish subscription box because our tripod broke. And then…it took a few months before we got another tripod. And by that point I just didn’t feel like doing videos. And they require a TON of time and energy. And I’d rather write. So, my YouTube channel is still there. Has nothing else on it – two vids only, I think. And is sitting languishing, waiting for me to make more videos. Maybe one day. Oh well.

2018 is a new year!

I may or may not make 2018 writing goals. At least not specific ones. I think I’ll stick to

  1. Blogging regularly.
  2. Trying to schedule as many blog posts ahead as possible to decrease the stress I feel about making sure I have posts ready to go for you
  3. Reading and commenting on other blogs

Basically, I want to keep producing content that is interesting (both to me and to you, lovely readers), do so in a way that doesn’t feel too much like work, and get to know other bloggers and learn what I can from them.

If you’re a blogger (book or other topics), comment below with your blog link. I’d love to include your blog in my 365 Commenting Challenge!


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