Ah, how, HOW is it NOVEMBER already?! October was a lovely, busy, weird month for me. The hubs and I went away for our anniversary (which was lovely!) and I accepted a new job (today was my first official day!), ran an event at my old job (which went pretty darn well) and even read a few books.

What was in my October 2017 book haul?

I had to own The Hating Game in print. So when I saw it on Book Outlet, I nabbed it. I’ve read this book twice already this year — once in print from the library, and once in audio. And now, I can read it again whenever I feel like it!

What did I read in October?

At the end of August, I’ve read 71 books this year. That puts me 95% of the way to my goal of 75 books in 2017.

Reviews of the above books to come soon!

Here’s hoping I can finally finish the audiobooks I’ve been slowly slogging through for the last couple of months. Some books really work for me on audio…some just…don’t, unfortunately. I don’t think it’s the book. I think it’s me. I need my audiobooks to be fairly light, I think, in order to get absorbed into them while driving, walking or cleaning. If I have to think about the story or the language too much, I get distracted and then I get very confused. I’ve been listening to Roshani Chokshi’s The Star-touched Queen for ages. It’s beautiful, but I’m also very confused. There is a lot of intricate folklore in it. I may need to reread it in print to fully experience it. I’m also listening to The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee and it’s hilarious, but also something I feel like I need to be in the right mood for.

In case you missed it

Autumn is my favourite season. I adore the colours, the leaves changing, the crisp air. And, it’s the season of my wedding anniversary. If you missed it, this month I wrote about Autumn book covers, the pieces needed for a perfect cozy reading nook, and my favourite romance tropes.

WWW Wednesday is a fun weekly meme hosted by  Sam at Taking On A World of Words. It’s a quick note on what I’m currently reading, what I’ve recently finished reading, and what I’m planning on reading next. It’s always fun to write and always fun to see what other people are reading. I joined in on October 18 and October 25.

Top Ten Tuesday is another weekly meme that I like to join in on. It’s hosted by the ladies at The Broke and the Bookish. Along with the post mentioned above about Autumn book covers, I also wrote a Top Ten Tuesday post on Halloween and how to infuse bookishness into your October 31 fun.

One of my favourite posts to write this month was all about ways that we can connect! Let’s Connect is a one-shot look at all the places you can find me and connect with me online for fun bookish conversation and the like. I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I’m also on Etsy — although I’m veeeery behind on updating my Etsy shop…Hopefully I’ll get to that soon.

Life update — I got a new job

In October, I also did something pretty big in my personal life… I applied for and accepted a new day job. I’m super sad to leave the wonderful people at my old job, but it was a contract that was set to expire soon and this new gig has a lot of potential for growth and exciting new things. (Plus, it comes with a raise! Hello, bookstore, my dear old friend!). I started the new job today and, while it was a tad overwhelming, I know it’s a good challenge for me and will help me to grow a lot in my writing and communication skills.

I’m not sure yet how it will affect my reading and blogging. My hours are about the same as my old job (it’s at the same organization, just in a different department), but the extra energy required to get up to speed in a new job, with new and more responsibilities may be a little draining. I’ve got a backlog of four books I’ve read and haven’t yet reviewed for you so that content should come out later this month, assuming I stop procrastinating writing those reviews. But I’m not sure how much other new content I’ll be able to create. I want to blog. I  love doing it. But I also want to be careful about conserving my energy to get off to a strong start in this new role.

Alrighty then! That’s my look back at October. Now, it’s your turn!

What did you read in October?

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