The air is crisp. The leaves are changing and falling. And as the weather gets cooler, the reader heads indoors to relish in time well spent curled up with a book in a cozy reading nook.

I’m dreaming of redecorating my living room and am researching some comfy reading spots to add to the space.

The most important features of a cozy reading nook are:

  • a soft chair
  • a comfy backrest
  • plenty of leg room
  • lots of light
  • loads of pillows
  • super soft blankets
  • stacks of books
  • a table to place my tea

Perfect cozy reading nooks to drool over.

I’ve scoured Pinterest for some great ideas and am amazed at the gorgeous spaces that some super talented interior designers have created. Here are a few of them. (Note: I do not own these photos and have linked them to their sources to the best of my ability.)

cozy reading nook 1

This spot has all the elements of a perfect reading nook. Photo: Cathy Pyle


cozy reading nook chaise lounge

A chaise lounge next to a bright window – yes, please! Photo: Dear Lillie


cozy reading nook 3

I adore this green chair! All that’s missing is a cozy throw blanket.
Credit: Tessa Fay


a dual reading nook - two chairs and one ottomon

A dual reading nook! This looks like the perfect spot for two lovebirds to sit next to each other and enjoy their reads (and maybe a little footsies too.). Credit: Cote de Texas by Joanie Web, Design by Ginger Barber

What do you look for in a reading nook?

  1. My reading nook is my bedroom … I have a couch with a great light, an ottoman where I can put my feet up or put my tea and snacks, pillows, a cozy blanket. I love reading in there after the kids go to bed! We had a wicked wind storm last night and it was so nice to read my thriller with the sound of the wind outside.

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