Some books are simply beautiful. There is no other way to describe them. Just glancing at them makes you smile and fills your chest with a comforting warmth.

Often, these beautiful books are picture books. And yet, they have so much to offer adults as well. Sometimes the illustrations are gorgeous.

At first glance, this book may not seem like your usual beautiful book, but it is honestly one of my favourite books for little ones. I’ve bought a copy of it for so many of my friends and their littles. Kids love reading this book, and so parents.

Toot by Leslie Patricelli
is one of these beautiful books.

This book is so much fun. It’s simple. It’s colourful. It’s hilarious. I first bought it for my nephew when he was born. He just turned two (He’s growing up so fast!).

Everybody does it: Kitty, Doggie, Daddy — even Mommy! And when Leslie Patricelli’s beloved bald baby does it while running, it sounds like a train. This frank and very funny look at a certain noisy body function is perfectly suited to the youngest of listeners, while their giggling older siblings will be happy to read it aloud.  

What beautiful books have you discovered?

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