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The Three W’s are:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m starting a buddy read with a friend this week! We are both reading The Jane Austen Book Club and will get together for tea and a fabulous book chat once we’re done. I’m stoked! Have you ever done a buddy read?

What are you currently reading?

the jane austen book clubNovel (in print): The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler

This is one of the books I picked up on my trip to Hawaii and my little book buying spree at the used bookstore in Kona. I’ve wanted to read this book for years (I actually really liked the movie and want to see how these compare!). I love Jane Austen and so I’m intrigued to see how her books and themes are used in this story.


assassin's apprentice by robin hobb

Novel (in print): The Assassin’s Apprentice  by Robin Hobb

I started this one while I was on my holiday and have set it aside to read a few other books – mainly some books for review, some comics, and now mu buddy read book. I was sad to set it aside for a bit, because I was really liking it, so I will definitely get back to it soon.



What did you recently finish reading?

a wrinkle in timeNovel (in audio): A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle

This book is lauded as a classic. It’s being made into a big budget movie right now. So, I figured I should read it. I finished it, just to see how it ended. But…I didn’t really enjoy it. It is strange. It is religious (with lots of awkwardly quoted scriptures and sermonizing language that really don’t seem to fit). And, it just doesn’t make sense. There are giant plot holes that really irked me. I’ll still probably go see the movie,  just to see how they do it. But… I returned the audiobook. I won’t listen to this one again.

What do you think you’ll read next?

In His Touch by Peggy L. HendersonNovel (audio): In His Touch (Blemished Brides Book 2) by Peggy L. Henderson

The books in this series are short, sweet historical romances. It’ll be a fun read for my lunchtime walk. Laura’s husband has died and she is fighting to keep her farm up and running and in her possession. Enter a young man who was framed for murder and serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. Cue cheesy romance. It’s all about the happy feels. And the cowboys.



What are you currently reading?
What have you recently read?


  1. What are you currently reading? — I’ve finally started “The Assassin’s Blade”, which you lent me fifty years ago. So far really enjoying it – Celeana’s still annoying, but at least here, she’s 16/17 and it makes sense for her to be annoying. XD Also reading the third (and final, I think?) Black Widow comic that I bought ages ago but hadn’t read yet.

    What did you recently finish reading? — This AWWWFUL novelization of Hamlet. Hamlet is actually the only Shakespeare that I’ve read and liked, so I thought a novelization of it would be cool. The book was called “Hamlet and Ophelia”and it was super terribly written. It was sometimes modern and sometimes not, starting out as a novelization but then being more of just a translation. It was shallow, often non-sensical, with super inconsistent characterizations and POV’s (sometimes limited third, sometimes not??), and just, ugh. I blasted through it to get it over with and it’s going straight into the donation bin.

    What do you think you’ll read next? — As you know, I never know until I’m standing in front of my shelves deciding what I feel like. XD But maybe Republic of Thieves? I keep thinking about it and WANTING to read it really bad, but I also keep putting it off because I know it’ll be amazing and I know I’ll have to wait forever and a day for the next one, so. We’ll see what I pick up. XD

    • Hahaha this comment is fantastic! Why would you keep reading the Hamlet thing if it’s that bad? I would definitely have quit. And YES! Read Republic of Thieves. Read it now. 😆

      • Ahhh… um, I have this problem with books where I always want to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I keep going, thinking it might get better (even if it never does). And I have this *other* thing with books, where if I start it, I pretty much *always* have to finish it.

        The list of books I’ve just HAD to stop is extremely short – like, can count it on one hand short. XD

        (i have issues. i have been told this. XD)

        • 😂 I had this same problem. And then I forced myself to finish reading Wuthering Heights on a Christmas holiday to Hawaii and after that torture and desecration of my beach vacation, I swore NEVER AGAIN. 😖

          • I KNOW THIS FEEL. XD

            I took a series of books camping once (apologies to your husband who I know loves them, but, the Douglas Adams/Hitchhiker’s etc series). I brought like five of them, but FOOLISHLY, nothing else to read. I haaaated them but it was all I had, so I read them. All. >_<

            Now I am MUCH more careful what I bring camping/on vacation, and always bring a back-up book that I know is good to avoid this happening again. XD No getting trapped with terrible books while on vacation!!

          • It’s all good! Hitchhiker was the first book he ever gave me. I tried reading it and DNF’d it. Five years later I tried again and made it through the first. I’ve never finished the series. 😝

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