It’s officially summer! I love how June turns things from spring into summer (at least where I live!).

I was a busy bee this month – I took an online course, landscaped by backyard (we did dirt and gravel and sod ourselves!), managed to actually meal plan and grocery shop for real ingredients, and even went camping one weekend. Between it all, I managed to read 7 books.

One way that I am reading more, is by listening to audiobooks while taking a walk on my lunch break. It’s killing two birds with one stone (please excuse the cliche) – exercising and reading at the same time. I have a desk job, and end up sitting for most of my day (although that may change in August when my office moves and we get standing desks!). I often end up feeling sore and groggy from sitting all day, not realizing that three or four hours have passed and that I haven’t stood or moved around at all. But by getting out at lunch with an audiobook, I’m still able to read lots (thanks to my library’s use of Overdrive for lending audiobooks), and get in some much needed steps and exposure to fresh air. It’s been lovely.

What was in my June 2017 book haul?

What did I read in June?

At the end of June, I’ve read 44 books in 2017 . That puts me 59% of the way to my goal of 75 books in 2017.

In case you missed it

June was a super exciting month for me blogging-wise. In June 2017, surpassed 1000 monthly pageviews for the first time. THANK YOU!! I kept refreshing my stats page to see the word count climb and climb and climb, passing the previous monthly records in the first week of June. This is a huge deal for me and makes me feel so blessed to have fellow bookworms who read my blog. If you have ideas of things you’d like to read about here, please let me know in the comments.

Some of the posts in June that you might have missed were:



What did you read in June?
What would you like to read about on trishajennreads?

  1. I just read The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein and I do recommend it. Enzo is the narrator. He is a Dog with insight into humans. Denny is his owner and a race car driver. Eve is Denny’s wife and Zoe is their daughter. There is plenty of
    life wisdom put forth from the perspective of racing.

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