how to get out of a reading rut on trishajennreads

What to do when you don’t feel like reading…It’s a strange thing for a bookworm [insert your favourite term here, be it bookworm, booknerd, bookdragon, reader, bookish person, booklover, etc], to not feel like reading.
I don’t feel this way often, but for the last week, I haven’t been able to stick to a book. You may have noticed, as I haven’t been posting nearly as much here or on Instagram or Twitter.
Instead of diving in and reading through pages as quickly as I can, I’ve put the book aside to listen to hilarious podcasts (like OldMaids) or play silly games on my mobile phone.
I’ve had library books and books for review galore. But I haven’t been able to stick with any of them. A few pages in and my mind wanders.
Why is this?
Does this happen to you?
What do you do?

Here are four ways I’m going to try and get that desire to read back:

Pick up an old favourite.
Some books are just meant to be read over and over again. For me, those books are Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, and Fangirl. And probably my new favourite, The Hating Game.
Try something short.
A few years ago, I discovered the fun of comic books and graphic novels. They are short and trades can be read in a few hours but still give you the satisfaction of reading a whole book. Plus, the art in so many of them is GORGEOUS. And it’s a relaxing way to read a story – you only have to read a few words and the rest is just looking at pictures. I’m slowly working my way through the Lumberjanes and Giant Days. Perhaps I’ll pick up one of those this week.
Grab an audio book and go for a walk.
With summery weather starting to arrive here in Alberta, I’ve been wanting to get outside more and more. Perhaps the sun is calling and that’s why I can’ concentrate on a book. A new audio book (I find first person easiest to get absorbed into) is a great way to read and get outside and get some exercise. Explore your neighbourhood or a nearby nature trail and feel like you’re accomplishing two things at once – reading and exercise.
Ask a friend for something new.
Sometimes you just need a new perspective and asking a fellow reader for a recommendation of one of their recent best reads can infuse fresh excitement and books into your reading life. Trying a book outside of your normal style but that was enjoyed by someone you trust can definitely help get you out of a reading rut.

Your turn — have you experienced any reading ruts? What helps you get out of a reading rut?