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The Three W’s are:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

I started reading a few books last week that I’ve put down for now. I plan on going back to them at some point, but…I just wasn’t feeling them. These books are The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton and The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler.

What are you currently reading?

the little paris book shop by nina georgeNovel (in print): The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

I started this book a few weeks ago and was really enjoying it’s flavour. And then, I put it down to do Tome Topple. Now that the readathon is over and I’m not feeling like I need to be reading big books, I’m picking this back up today to dive in again. This book is sweet and lovely and tastes like chocolate tea.



Novel (audiobook): The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Abertalli

I can’t put this book down. (Okay, confession, I paused it to write this post…But I really didn’t want to.) Molly is sweet and hilarious and I remember going through so much of what she goes through – feeling awkward and not sure what to say, and wondering does he like me and do I like him. Arielle DeLisle is a fantastic narrator. I’ve been seeing this book on Twitter a TON and I’m so glad I downloaded it. Next up: Simon VS the Homo Sapiens Agenda. I’m going to need more Becky.


What did you recently finish reading? (in print): A Court of Mist and Fury  by Sarah J. Maas

I really, really, really enjoy this book. I’ve read it twice in the last year. I reread it earlier this month to prepare for Book 3 in the series, A Court of Wings and Ruin (ACOWAR), which is coming out next week. The ending of this book though…Whew! I adore it. The perfect wrap up to the book’s arc and the most amazing and heart-wrenching cliffhanger to lead into the next book. Are you excited for ACOWAR?


punch up by kat sandlerScript (in print): Punch Up by Kat Sandler

This play was hilarious. It’s about a not-too-bright but super kind guy who stops a girl from killing herself, falls in love with her, and makes a deal with her that if he can’t make her laugh, he will help her finish what she started. The problem, he’s not funny at all. So what does he do? He kidnaps a washed up comedian to help him make the girl laugh. The jokes are terrible – which is what makes the play so funny. It’s dark but also has a bunch of really sweet moments. I’m definitely going to have to read it again. Full review coming soon!


What do you think you’ll read next?

thetightropewalkersNovel (in print): The Tightrope Walkers by David Almond

I picked this guy up from the library yesterday. Last Friday I saw a lovely little article by Emily Ables (@blueyedbiblio) about books that need to be read this summer and added nearly every one of them to my library holds list. This gem came in yesterday so I hurried over to pick it up. I’m intrigued to see if this book lives up to Emily’s recommendation – she said it was simple and beautiful and not like most of the YA out there. I’m anticipating it will be a deep and lovely coming-of-age story. (Also, I LOVE this cover).


What are you currently reading?
What have you recently read?


    • I finished Unrequited yesterday and loved it!! I may hold on to these feelings until the weekend to write a post about it. I have Simon on hold at my library and am impatiently for it to become available. 🙂

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