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Some books immediately attract my attention and make me want to read them. Some books make me wrinkle my nose and think yeah, not for me, thanks.

Here are the Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book:

1. An ugly cover

I admit it. I’m a total cover snob. If I don’t find the cover of a book attractive, I won’t want to read it – no matter how many positive reviews or recommendations I hear. If the cover is poorly designed or really busy, I will steer clear. If it has people on it, I’m way less likely to pick it up. I like symbolic covers much more than covers with people on them.

2. Vampires

Not my thing.

3. A lot of gore

Violence for the sake of violence is not entertaining to me. It actually makes me feel a little sick. It’s the same with books with a lot of description of wounds or illnesses. I don’t find gore entertaining. Just unsettling.

4. Rude authors

Social media can be great and terrible. Some authors don’t present themselves well online and when they make comments that are rude or offensive, it makes me not want to read their books. Even one comment can turn me off from an author.

5. Lots of death

The death of a character can have a huge impact on a story and make it poignant and emotional and lovely. But, if it’s character death after character death, especially if a child dies, I can’t do it.

6. If a tonne of people have issues with it

Some books get a lot of coverage on social media. I tend pick books that look interesting to me and avoid looking at reviews until after I’ve read a book, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. And, when my social media feeds are full of posts about the issues with a book, it makes me very much not want to spend any time reading it. If I see enough readers that I know legitimately care for books and authors talking about issues with a book, I will trust them. I won’t pick up that book.

7. Errors

I’m a writer and an editor. I know that no published book (traditional or self-published) will be printed completely free of typos. It happens. But, when I start reading a book and find typo after typo,  grammar mistakes that make it hard to understand what the text is supposed to say, or glaring consistency issues, I have to put the book down.

8. Immature, silly female leads

Too much “like” “oh-my-gosh” “he’s so cute” and such just makes me cringe.

9. Love-triangles

Drama for the sake of drama. Very rarely does a love triangle make sense and work for me.

10. Zombies

Again, the gore thing. A lot of folks are big into zombies these days. They aren’t for me.
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What will make you NOT want to read a book?

    • I’ve tried to read so many popular and hyped books but if her character is all about boys or her own beauty or not using her brain, I can’t handle it. I have to out the book down.

  1. Oh my gosh, I fell in love with Chuck Pahlaniuk’s ‘Haunted’ and then I picked up ‘Pygmy’ and that book was so gory that it made me want to throw up! I can’t stand gore in books – I mean, maybe in really, really small doses, but sometimes it’s just there for shock value, you know? Ha ha … immature, silly female leads, yes! There always seems to be “that” girl character in a book who’s just that textbook female ideology and it drives me nuts!

    • I find I can read about gore and violence more easily than I can watch it on TV or in movies, but I still reaaaaally don’t enjoy it. And neither does my mind when it replays it over and over as soon as I try to sleep. 😬

  2. I love this list. I agree with almost every single thing on this list. Except I kinda like love triangles “ducks” but only if they are done in the right way. They can be horrible, but they can work out all right.
    And yes, rude authors annoy me but my biggest pet peeve that will make me put a book down is just horrible amounts of errors and bad writing!!!

    • I can’t handle the love triangles. They always cringe, haha. But I’m glad there are folks who like them. Errors always grab me and make me angry. I know not everything can be caught, but if you make blatant consistentcy mistakes, I can’t handle it. 😜

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