Wednesday Writing Prompt (WWP)! is a writing challenge for you and for me. Remember, it’s all about just letting the words flow. Writing anything that comes to mind when you read the prompt. Post your scene/story in the comments or link to your post.


This week’s prompt was:

“Is that blood?”


“That’s not a question you’re supposed
to answer with another question.”


“Is that blood?” Mia’s voice was high and tinny. She was watching Nate with wide eyes.

“No?” Nate looked down at his shirt, then carried his gaze further to his hands.

“That’s not a question you’re supposed to answer with another question.”

“Yeah…I know. It’s just…” Nate wasn’t sure what to say to his sister. She would never approve of what he’d just done. Yes, he’d done it to ensure their survival. But Mia was the moral one of the family. She was the one person who would never, could never, condone violence of any kind.

“It’s just…”  Mia’s eyes had gone hard. “Nate. What did you do?” Her voice had gone hard too.

She sounded like mom.

Gosh, he missed mom.

Nate took in a long, loud inhale, scolding himself for letting thoughts of mom creep in. They were a distraction. They only made him feel weak. They did nothing good.

“I had to, Mia. I had to.”

“You had to what?”

“He was going to come in here and hurt you. I couldn’t let that happen.”

“Who?” Mia asked. “Hurt me how?”

Nate let his shoulders droop. He felt the tension from the adrenaline start to fade. His muscles started to relax.


Mia’s eyes went wide again.

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