So… I got a little carried away at Emerald City ComicCon (ECCC) on the weekend.

First off, it was in Seattle and I love Seattle. And, my lovely friend Beth lives there and it’s always a treat to see her.

Secondly, there were so many great opportunities to for book lovers and writers. The first time I went to ECCC, I didn’t know how to do a con. I’d never been before. I didn’t know how many amazing things there were for writers. But this time, I was more prepared, and I spent Thursday evening looking through the schedule and the exhibitor list, and making note of what I wanted to see or attend. I missed out on a few things, but overall, I’m quite pleased.

What did I do at ECCC?

I went to a few panels on writing and comics and entertainment. The best one was The Evolution of Modern Fantasty with a slew of authors including Robin Hobb, Terry Brooks, Kevin Hearne and Django Wexler. I picked up a few of their books too (see below) since I haven’t actually read any of their work yet. They had a really interesting discussion on fantasy and how it has evolved over the years and what makes it great. Does hearing an author speak make you want to read their books? It totally makes me want to discover new authors.

The other great panel I went to was called Seriously, What’s Up With Editors and featured some comics editors chatting about and answering questions on what a comics editor does and how best to work with editors, writers, and artists. It was super interesting, and made me want to pursue editing a little bit more.

trishajennreads book haul 2

I got this rad tote bag free from the Penguin Random House booth after buying a book! Last time I was at ECCC, I went to a Pat Rothfuss panel! This time, I heard Robin Hobb and Kevin Hearne speak and so I picke up some of their books at a signing.

Other than attending panels, I wandered the show floor and artist alley, looking at amazing creations by talented artists and writers, and I sat and people-watched. The cosplay! Dang! Oh, and I read some comics. 🙂 I met the incredibly nice Dave Kellett and started reading his strip Sheldon. I also picked up a copy of Drive, his other strip. Both are super funny and appropriate for a wide-ranging audience.

What did I pick up at ECCC?

So many books! I purchased some and was generously given some.

trishajennreads ECCC book haul

All the books and samplers I brought home. No wonder my bag was so heavy! Oops. 🙂

trishajennreads’ 2017 ECCC book haul:

It was really neat to go to Robin Hobb and Kevin Hearne’s signing and get two free books! I also picked up some samplers from Del Rey, Penguin Random House, and First Second Books.

Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer

The First Second Books crew let me have the display copy! So generous!

Speaking of First Second Books, I mentioned my love of Marissa Meyer and my desire to read Wires and Nerve so they not only gave me a poster, but also gave me the display copy of Wires and Nerve!!! OH MY GOODNESS! SO FREAKING EXCITING. My husband and my friend laughed at me for so long afterwards, because for hours after offering to pay and being told to just take the book, I kept freaking out. I also hugged that book for a good hour!

I also picked up some absolutely adorable bookmarks from Genevieve Santos. My hubs picked up some other really cool art too. I’m stoked to frame the prints and get them on the walls.

bookmarks by lepetitelefant (Genevieve Santos)

My new adorable bookmarks by Genevieve Santos.


In honour of a great weekend, discovering new reads and picking up favourites, I’d like to do a GIVEAWAY! If you would like a Wires and Nerve poster, follow @trishajennreads on Twitter retweet the below tweet! Open to all, worldwide. Twitter is not connected to this giveaway. Contest open until March 30, 11:59pm MST.

Good luck!


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