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Wednesday Writing Prompt (WWP)! is a biweekly-ish writing challenge for you and for me.



This week’s prompt was:

Kitty looked at her with disgust. 

“Where are you going?” Jasmine snapped.

Her sister stopped in the doorway. She stood still for a long moment, then slowly turned. Kitty looked at her with disgust.

“Where am I going?” Kitty said, her voice dripping with disdain. “I’m going to Ted’s house. Where I won’t have to hear you nag me.”

Ted? Who the hell is Ted? Jasmine thought. Leave it to Kitty to have another new boyfriend. Jasmine couldn’t keep track of them all. Her younger sister was the social butterfly that Jasmine had never been.

“Kitty,” she said, willing her voice to be softer, kinder. “I’m not trying to nag. I just…I need your help.” Jasmine looked at her sister with what she hoped were kind, friendly, sisterly eyes.

Kitty grimaced.

Okay, maybe the kind eyes thing only worked in books.

“Help with what?” Kitty crossed her arms and leaned on the door jamb.

Jasmine shrugged. Not because she didn’t know what she needed help with. She knew. God, did she know. She shrugged in another attempt to appear relaxed, not nagging, and as a way to stall for time while she came up with a better way of saying what needed to be said. She took a shallow breath and spoke.

“I need your help with burying dad. I can’t dig that big of a hole myself.” She swallowed. “And after we dig it, we need to get him into it.”

Kitty’s faced blanched. Her pretty, thirty-four-year-old face didn’t look nearly as young when she was that pale.

“I don’t want to.”

“Neither do I. But it needs to be done.”

Kitty stepped back into the room. Her steps were slow. Measured. She put her hands in her pockets. She stared at the floor for a beat before raising her head to look at Jasmine’s face. Both of their eyes were watery.

“We’re putting him in the woods? Next to Uncle Joe?” Jasmine nodded and handed her sister a shovel.


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