Are there authors that you auto-buy?

As consumers, we tend to have auto-buy brands for specific items. Many of us buy the same brand of toilet paper or paper towel or laundry soap every single time. Why? Because those are the brands we know. We know what to expect from that product and we know that we will be satisfied with it. Whether it is shampoo, toothpaste, jeans, or crayons – we know that the specific brand and style will meet our expectations and that we won’t be disappointed with our purchase.

Auto-buy authors are the same. We know their writing style. We know what topics they tend to explore. And we know that we will enjoy their work, that it will open our eyes to new perspectives, and that it will be a book we’re glad to have on our shelves.

I’m not saying that all books by auto-buy authors are books we will love. No, no. I’m saying we will buy them because we can reasonably expect that we will at the very least like them because we know that author is skilled, talented, and worth our time. And, we will buy because we want to support that specific author in their quest to create quality books.

By now, you’re probably wondering who my auto-buy authors are. The list isn’t large. I anticipate that as I read more new books from emerging authors, it will grow.

trishajennreads’ auto-buy authors

Rainbow Rowell

I read my first Rainbow Rowell book in 2015It was Fangirl. I fell in love. I’ve read all her other books since. I’ve even reread Fangirl. Rowell writes in a way that completely absorbs you. It is magical. And yet, her books are all about everyday life. They are full of reality and the emotions and relationships that go along with that. Despite the reality part, they are also full of dreams and humour and…I will buy anything she writes.

Marissa Meyer

I fell in love with the Lunar Chronicles after picking up Cinder in an airport bookstore in Detroit. I was on my way home from a wedding and had finished the book I’d brought with me. I was skeptical about the book, mainly because I’d been avoiding YA for a while after some books that just did not jive with me. This book though…it grabbed me by the collar and wouldn’t let go until I finished the whole series. When Heartless was announced, I jumped up and down with excitement. While I didn’t love Heartless, I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to picked up Wires and Nerve soon, both to get back into another Marissa Meyer and get back into the Lunar Chronicles world.

Patrick Rothfuss

My husband introduced me to Pat’s novel The Name of the Wind when we were dating. Like everyone who reads it, I fell in love with the intricacy of the world he has created and the lyrical style of Pat’s writing. His books are complex. His books are beautiful. I know I’ve mentioned his books here many times before. And I will keep mentioning them as we await the next book. Also, anytime Pat narrates his own audiobook, I’m there. Brilliant.

Who are your auto-buy authors?

  1. Love this! Rick Riordan is definitely my number one auto-buy author at the moment! ♥ his books! I’m not familiar with Patrick Rothfuss, but now I’m very curious! Happy reading! 😀

    • I have a few Rick Riordan books on my TBR! I hope to get to them soon. 🙂 And definitely check out Rothfuss, he’s amazing. Thanks for reading!

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