*Unfortunately, this subscription box company is no longer in business.*

I love getting mail. Like, really love it. (And I honestly ask, who doesn’t?)

Subscription boxes are guaranteed mail. Guaranteed FUN mail.

No bills, no annoying flyers for the neighbourhood dental clinic. Subscription boxes are something you’ve signed up for that you want to receive. You wait eagerly for them, checking the mailbox every hour until they arrive.

If you tour around CrateJoy, you’ll very quickly discover how many different kinds of subscription boxes exist. I’ve written about how amazing I think bookish subscription boxes are three times (here, here, and here). And finally, FINALLY, I get to experience one myself.

My husband gifted me a subscription to Novel Tea Club for Christmas.

What’s inside?

The box was beautifully packaged, with pretty, fluffy crinkled paper bits cushioning the lovely things inside.

I got the Young Adult box this month and adore it. Inside, I found:

The December 2016 Novel Tea Club YA box on trishajennreads

This box was festive and fun, without being too kitschy. I can’t wait to read this book.  I’m eager to form my own opinion of it. Overall, I’m delighted with this gift and am definitely looking forward to what’s to come in next month’s box.

trishajennreads' black glasses

  1. This was so great, Trisha!! How are you so good behind a camera?
    (and did your husband film it? Please tell me he was making faces at you while you tried this, because that’s what every good camera holder should do :’D)
    Aaaaannndd I may or may not have had a mini spaz attack when you pulled out the Zero Peppermint Bark. IT’S SO CUTE OH MY GOSH!
    Oh look, a second freak out. A FANTASY THEME?! Oh dear. Oh goodness. As you could guess I’ma pass on the romance but the fantasy sounds so magnificent and wonderful and oh goodness.
    What a great box. I’m so excited for you! How long is your subscription? Are you going to do more videos? And I think a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year is in order!! ♥♥

    • Bahaha, I was so nervous! And yes, my hubs was behind the camera. He wasn’t making faces though, because I warned him not to. 😂 He gave me a 3 month subscription for Christmas! I plan on making more videos to go with blog posts, too, and not just unboxings. We’ll see how they go. Happy Christmas and new years to you too!! We definitely need to get together for tea again soon. 💗

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